The Issue of Abortion

A family member and I were having a discussion of sorts on Facebook, and it involved this image [warning: it’s a shocking image]. The discussion itself isn’t material to this post (it started with a misunderstanding, which is never a good place to begin), but it’s been a while since I’ve expressed myself on a moral issue here on this blog. I thought it was time I took a public stance on something that has always been important to me, but lately it’s been on my mind to an even greater degree (one guess as to why). Here’s my response to part of the discussion:

“…for the record, I started to tear up looking at some of the images that organization is using – they’re horrific and shocking. But they’re reality – a reality that people don’t like to think about. It’s too easy to think of abortion as a routine clinical procedure. It’s not – it involves two heartbeats and two brains (depending on when it’s done). Two sets go in, one set comes out. That’s the hard reality, regardless of how you define “life”.

I don’t see how any rational person could look at those images and not see a tiny human being, every bit as worthy as life as Logan or any other baby is. It was darkly ironic that the route we took for all of Ashley’s pregnancy check-ups took us past the Kensington clinic. My heart ached every time I drove past it, knowing that we were on our way to care for a life, while in that place a life was ending.

I think society as a whole should wrestle with the morality of all important issue, forever. Capital punishment, abortion, euthanasia…taking important issues for granted, assuming that there’s only one “right” answer, is a dangerous road to walk down.”

I hope that regardless of how anyone reading this blog feels about the emotion-laden issue of abortion, respect for all viewpoints is foremost in everyone’s mind when posting a comment.

  • Janak Parekh

    Good luck with that. People are closed-minded, opinionated creatures that tend to dig in more when their viewpoints are challenged.

  • chrisgohlke

    Well said Jason, it is unfortunate that many people on both side refuse to have mature conversations on this issue. I’m pro choice, but I wish we lived in a world where no one ever felt the need to have an abortion, unfortunately that just isn’t the case. I’ve found way too many times, that someone on the other side of the issue just refuses to discuss what we have in common on the issue and a lot of the ways the number of abortions could be reduced rather than instantly demonizing me because I don’t agree.

    One that has always bothered me is the pro-life camp labeling pro-choicers as pro-abortion. That makes it sound like I want people to have abortions, which as I said above is far from the case. Pro life and pro choice groups have chosen names that represent their groups well, but the assumption that someone who is not for their group is 180 degrees different opinion ends up preventing the groups from actually working together in ways that could meet both their goals.