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Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Now that I'm working down in the basement, I've come to realize how much temperature impacts productivity: it's FREEZING down here! I know that basements are always a few degrees cooler than the main floor, but this is ridiculous. I bought a thermometer today, and the temperature at 2 PM in the afternoon on the main floor is 26 degrees Celsius - nice and toasty warm. In the base? 16.9 degrees Celsius - not warm at all! When the sun goes down the basement gets even colder. What's frustrating is how badly the basement "leaks" - if you put your hand up to any of the electrical sockets, cold air is blowing through. The walls are insulated, we know that because Ashley and her dad finished part of the basement to make an office for me, but the basement as a whole is certainly NOT sealed properly. We're trying to get to the bottom of this now, but in the meantime I'm freezing - the portable heater I bought today doesn't put out nearly enough heat, so back it goes.