Building With Bay West Homes

The journey of building a new house...

Saturday, December 14, 2002

The people from Bay West were out for a day of fix-ups, and they were all great! Rod from Bay West came out to handle a bunch of little fixes, everything from fixing our closet door that wouldn't close to adding candle wax to our deck door so that it closed (Rod is very McGuyver-ish). The painter also came out to finish some touch-ups, and we're going to get the underside of our deck painted black to cover up the spatter from the first painter who made the mess. In the spring we're going to have part of the garage floor roughed up and they'll add some material to raise it up a little - there's a 1/4" dip in our garage floor, which is what caused the water to pool up. We still have that crack in our wall from the stairwell, but since they couldn't guarantee that it would be fixed, patched, and repainted before Christmas, they suggested we wait until January. Fine by me - I'm happy they were realistic about it rather than giving us promises they couldn't keep. Our railing still needs some work - there are these strange scratches on it that will require a complete resurfacing (sanding + finish). The painter had to talk to his boss to get permission to do this, so assuming it goes ahead, we'll be happy.

It was a really nice experience working with Bay West this time around - no hassles, and everyone seemed keen to get things done right. We couldn't ask for anything more!