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Friday, February 01, 2002

We spent several hours last night moving the smaller boxes from our condo to the new house. Because Prestique Kitchens made so many mistakes, they were back working yesterday, and again this morning. They cut the holes in ALL the bathrooms incorrectly, so they had to come back and remove the counter-tops. Instead of replacing them with fresh pieces of wood, however, it looks like they glued the part they cut out back into the hole, and will cut from that instead. I hope that it will be as stable as it should be - we'll see if our sinks fall through the counter. :-)

We're moving more boxes up today, and there's a cleaning crew in our house again to clean up the mess that Prestique Kitchens left. We received our keys yesterday, and when we arrive later today our house should be ready for us! More pictures & commentary later tonight, then we're offline until Saturday when hopefully our cable modem will get us back up and running.