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Saturday, February 02, 2002

Today is moving day! It's bright and early Saturday morning, and we're busy packing up the final things before the movers get here in half an hour. We spent several hours at our house last night, and while we love it, there are still a few things that remain to be done. We were mystified by Canyon Plumbing installing our dishwasher, yet leaving all the bottom panelling off. Why start a job and only do half of the work? Ashley cut her hand trying to put the panel on (I was still on my way at the time). It's one thing to move in to a house with minor touch-ups that need completing, it's another to have to hand-assemble appliances that were supposed to be professionally installed. And we're disappointed with the shape our cabinets are in. Dozens of nicks and scratches, broken door edges, etc. I'd never work with Prestique Kitchens again if given the choice.

We'll be posting some pictures of how great everything looks later!