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... From Billboard, August 23, 1997
Chantal Kreviazuk - 'Surrounded'

"For fans of the underrated debut disc, 'Under These Rocks and Stones,' this is the single that should have ushered the project. They may be right. Her performance is a virtual roller coaster of emotion, illuminating the poetry of her lyrics with an aching growl. Musically, the song will appeal to those who never get enough of Tori Amos and Alanis Morrissette. But there's so much more to this song than mild comparisons and the only way to get it is to listen. Be prepared for the wave of tears that may come as
Kreviazuk wails into the song's intensely cathartic climax."


Chantal Kreviazuk and her piano sincerely opened up for Amanda Marshall Saturday evening in Toronto, at the Molson Amphitheatre. Chantal noted that performing in front of such a large crowd was a significant experience for her. Despite Chantal's mild case of butterflies (she suggested to the audience that they could probably tell she was shaking) her natural,
extremely personal half hour set easily won her new fans. Songs performed included "God Made Me," "Surrounded," and "Co-Dependent." A sign in the audience, well recognized on stage by Chantal, sums up her performance quite well. "You Rock Chantal!" Look for photos from the concert on Chantal's www site in the near future.


Chantal recently performed in an all day concert event, also featuring 10,000 Maniacs, in Sacramento, California.

From the 'Sacramento Bee'

"Chantal Kreviazuk, an apparent favorite with the radio station staff (and at least one fan who sported her autograph across his bare back), performed a solo set, accompanying herself on the keyboard. The Canadian singer-songwriter has been playing piano since age 3, and she writes personal observations and confessional-type tunes in the style of Laura Nyro. Nyro was inspired; Kreviazuk was inspired by Nyro, so her work is at best one degree separated from greatness. Her voice was strong and her playing was good, and the song "Hands," off her "Under These Rocks and Stones" recording, was perhaps her best."

~Jim Carnes, Bee Staff Writer ...

People magazine on Chantal Kreviazuk, from the July 14 issue:

- Mark Bautz

"Judging by her sparkling debut album, this 24-year-old from Winnipeg,
Man., may be the next Alanis Morissette - or Rickie Lee Jones, or Joan Osborne. In fact, Kreviazuk might want to consult a rock-and-roll therapist; on these dozen varied tracks she exhibited more personalities than Sybil. Close your eyes and you'll think the lyrical ballad "Grace" is Rickie Lee's; "Co-Dependent" suggests a song by blues-belter Osborne; "God Made Me" echoes Morissette. When it comes to musical influences, Kreviazuk, who writes her own songs, has impeccable taste. Only time will tell if she can also stand apart from the crowd."

July 3rd, 1997
Young Canadians To Watch

Maclean's magazine is celebrating Canada's birthday by saluting 100 exciting young Canadians to watch. Chantal Kreviazuk and The Philospher Kings made the list of individuals whose talent and boundless energy are transforming Canada's cultural, political and intellectual landscape. The special Canada Day issue of Maclean's is on stands now.

(thanks Astronomy!)

June 25, 1997
Billboard Review

Under These Rocks And Stones

PRODUCERS: Peter Asher & Matt Wallace
Columbia 67926

In a market glutted with young female singer/songwriters and female bandleaders, only the truly gifted will make a lasting impact. Foremost in that category is Canadian newcomer Chantal Kreviazuk, whose ample singing, writing, and piano-playing talents make this one of the most compelling debuts of the year. Featuring such brilliant cuts as the self-empowerment anthem "God Made Me," the insightful "Surrounded," the irresistibly catchy and provocative "Co-Dependent," the insistent rocker "Believer," and the touching "Hands," "Under These Rocks And Stones" is a showstopper that plays flawlessly from start to finish and visits many musical areas along the way. Any of the above tracks should start their life at college and triple-A radio and eventually cross over to modern rock, mainstream rock, and pop outlets. The possibilities are infinite.

May 30th, 1997
Album Review by Paul Catin

Chantal Kreviazuk UNDER THESE ROCKS AND STONES *** (out of five)

You'd best learn how to pronounce this young Winnipegger's name, something tells us you're going to be hearing it a lot.

At just 22, Kreviazuk is already the beneficiary of a worldwide recording contract with mighty multi-national Sony, making her a millionaire before she plucked her first chord on record. The pressure is immense, but you can see what drew the Sony braintrust to Kreviazuk's ice-bound home.

She possesses a distinctive, warm voice and knack for piano-based pop melodies that only occasionally betray her youth.

Comparisons to Tori Amos and Alanis Morissette are inevitable. Her lyrical soliloquies are similar to Amos', and journeyman musician Chris Burke-Gaffney plays Glen Ballard to Chantal's Alanis on the album's stronger tracks.

But when she hits her stride, as on the aching, anguished Wayne or the righteously bitchy Co-Dependant, Kreviazuk shows enough character and backbone to establish her own identity.

"I carry my microphone with me everywhere I go ... In case of an emergency/In case I need to break your face," she sings on Believer. And that's her charm -- you don't know whether to laugh or duck.

- Paul Cantin

May 30th, 1997
Buzzwords, Edition 82

...In the "Goddess" issue of Bust magazine currently on the stands, Chantal Kreviazuk discusses her own personal goddess, Ricki-Lee Jones:

"With Ricki, I forget that I am an artist or musician.  I can hear only her voice, yet I feel as though I am there in front of her, watching too.  I lose some woman ingredient by which I am generally victimized.  Or maybe it is that I gain.  Whichever, she goes into a place of grace and solitude which has set a precedent for me as a performer, writer and woman."

Chantal just recently finished a cross Canada tour with Amanda Marshall and will be re-joining Amanda on stage at Toronto's Molson Amphitheatre on July 5th...

May 16th, 1997
Buzzwords, Edition 80

...Chantal Kreviazuk's album Under These Rocks and Stones hit the Top 30 in Switzerland this week. Consecutively for three weeks she has been #58 - #42 - #30. The album was released in Switzerland on April 18.

April 4th, 1997
Chantal on tour with Amanda

(and guess what? I'M GOING! WOO HOO!)

..If you missed her the first time, get ready because Amanda Marshall will be doing another cross Canada tour!  This theatre tour will kick off in Saskatoon on May 2 and is so far confirmed to last for three weeks until May 24 in Bala.  Amanda is still touring behind her hugely successful self-titled debut album, which has passed five times platinum in Canada.

Chantal Kreviazuk will be opening the show for Amanda on this tour. As always, check with local ticket outlets for ticket information.  The dates confirmed so far are:

May 02 Centennial, Saskatoon SK
May 03 Jubilee, Calgary AB
May 04 Keyano, Ft. McMurray AB
May 05 Jubilee, Edmonton AB
May 07 Royal Theatre, Victoria BC
May 08 Orpheum, Vancouver BC
May 09 Riverside Colesium, Kamloops BC
May 11 Centre of Arts, Regina SK
May 12 Pantages Playhouse,  Winnipeg MN
May 13 Community Auditorium, Thunder Bay ON
May 15 Arts Centre, North Bay ON
May 16 Arts Centre, Ottawa ON
May 18 Trudeau Park, Tweed ON
May 20 Chrysler Theatre, Windsor On
May 21 Centennial,  London ON
May 22 Hamilton Place, Hamilton ON       
May 24 Kee To Bala, Bala ON

Mar. 28, 1997

..Americans will have to wait a bit longer to be introduced to Chantal Kreviazuk as her US debut has been delayed by a week.   The single will now be shipped on April 21 with the album being released on May 27.  In preparation for the release, Chantal shot a new video last week for God Made Me for American broadcast.  Her debut album, Under These Rocks And Stones, will also be released in Europe, Australia and Japan with God Made Me being the first commercial single.  The single will be released in Europe at the end of March and in Japan on April 23.  The Japanese version of the single will have two unreleased tracks; Dealer and Love Is All.  Chantal has been busy showcasing for Sony representatives from across the world.  On March 7, representatives from Japan and the UK saw Chantal perform in Winnipeg and she has just returned from a showcase performance in Spain. Chantal will get to visit the Japanese next, as she is set for a promotional visit from  April 14-19...

Mar. 21, 1997
"Green Apples" in movie

Chantal also recently had her song "Green Apples" used in the NBC Movie Of The Week - "Born Into Exile", which aired on March 17, 1997...

Mar. 8th, 1997
US Album Release Delayed

...Chantal Kreviazuk fans in the USA will just have to wait a little longer before getting her debut album Under These Rocks And Stones as its release has been pushed back to May 20, 1997. The album had been scheduled for an April release. The first single God Made Me, will be released in the US on April 15. Canadian fans should tune into Muchmusic tomorrow (Saturday, March 8th) at 3:30 ET to catch Chantal's appearance on the nation's music station...

Mar. 7th, 1997
Chantal Nominated for a Juno
Sony Music Canada's - B U Z Z W O R D S
Edition 71 Friday, March 7, 1997

...Chantal Kreviazuk picked up a nomination for Best New Solo Artist...

(hey, not much news here, but every bit counts!)

Jan. 29th, 1997

Intense, eccentric, and stylish, the singer/composer/ pianist Chantal Kreviazuk will be performing at the "The Official Kick-Off Event of Grammy Month" on Friday, February 7, at 1:00pm at the Winter Garden (located in New York City's World Financial Center). Mayor Rudolph Guiliani will follow Ms. Kreviazuk's performance with some stand-up of his own. Chantal Kreviazuk's debut album, "Under These Rocks and Stones," produced by Peter Asher will be released by Columbia Records April 8.

Chantal Kreviazuk Review
Under These Rocks And Stones (Columbia)

I am seriously impressed with this CD. Kreviazuk has possibly the most beautiful, and powerful voice I've heard in an ridiculously long time. Her writing has meaning; her music is pure, and simply wonderful.

By now, most people have already heard God Made Me, but let me tell you, that is only the tip of the iceberg. This amazing artist has a lot to offer to the world of music, and I, for one, greatly accept it. -Allison Cully

January 11th, 1997
SONY's "Buzzwords"

...Chantal Kreviazuk is heading out with Amanda to open up the shows in Quebec and the East Coast. As with Amanda, Chantal has a pretty heavy press schedule during the tour including: live appearances on Magic 93 on the 14th at 4:30 pm (local time) and St. John's C98 on the 15th at 5:00 pm (local time). On TV, Chantal will be on the January 17th edition of ASN's Breakfast program at 7:30 am and again at 8:30 am to perform. She'll be taping segments to air at a later date for MuchEast and MITV so keep an eye out for her on those shows...

December 26, 1996
Newcomer Kreviazuk is talented, hip and keyed up
Calgary Sun

It's hard to imagine prairie school children waking at the crack of dawn on a crisp winter's morn for anything other than hockey.

But you never know -- if Chantal Kreviazuk's debut album Under These Rocks and Stones catches on, parents may find their kids asking for piano lessons.

"I listen to my record and go, `Wow, the piano sounds cool!' " says Kreviazuk.

"Someone like Billy Joel or Tori Amos has pulled it off well. Van Halen and Led Zeppelin have pianos. Just because there's a piano doesn't mean it has to be a love song."

Far from it. The 22-year-old Winnipeg native is an electric performer who can make the tracks off Rocks and Stones resonate with intensity.

"I'm glad it comes off that way because I hate not being cool," she laughs. "I've got to be cool."

But, ah, if memory serves, kids who spent their time taking piano lessons were most often equal to the chess club in the schoolyard food chain.

"Absolutely, let me tell you. It was difficult come 16, 17 years old to tell my friends: `I've got to be in by 1 a.m. because I have a make up (piano) lesson at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday.' "

The former child prodigy signed a record deal with Sony last winter. Sony gets the total package: Talented, hip, young...

Perhaps too good a package? Doesn't the listener get the impression Kreviazuk has been developed in a Sony laboratory like so many VCRs and MiniDiscMans?

It's not often Tori Amos, Jann Arden, Alanis Morrisette, Jewel and Fiona Apple can be found wrapped together in plaid bell bottoms and combat boots.

"It's a stigma attached to the industry. Any compromises I made were for the public because I want my music to get out," Kreviazuk asserts one more time.

"I've never seen anyone at Sony in a suit, it's not like one guy sitting in an office making decisions."

December 16, 1996
Chantal Kreviazuk graduates to the big time
Ottawa Sun

It's a few hours before Chantal Kreviazuk's big-stage debut at Barrymore's last Wednesday, and she's understandably getting a little worked up over it.

"I'm really nervous talking about it right now," she says, fuelling jangled nerves with a cup of coffee at a downtown hotel. "I'm freaking out, actually." Minutes ago, she was kicked off the hotel-lobby piano in the middle of a rendition of Don Henley's Boys of Summer. "I was practising for tonight," she explains.

Kreviazuk has good reason to want to impress -- a lot of eyes are pointed in her direction these days.

The formerly unknown 22-year-old Winnipeg singer, songwriter and pianist became the object of much curiosity recently when Sony Music signed her to a global recording and touring contract on the strength of a demo tape and an in-studio solo performance.

That curiosity intensified with the release of her first record, Under These Rocks And Stones, a mature and accessible collection of often downbeat, confessional songs that occasionally drift far enough into the personal to make the listener feel like a voyeur.

Now, Kreviazuk -- whose performing experience is limited mainly to banging out sets in hometown hotel lounges and other places where she could remain anonymous -- has landed some coveted opening spots on Amanda Marshall's cross-Canada tour, which returns to Barrymore's tonight and tomorrow.

"I've played the piano and sung since I was very little and I'm not really good at anything else, so that's why I do this," she says of her career choice.

In fact, she believes, it was more or less fated to turn out this way. Kreviazuk has been immersed in music since she was two years old, winning a number of classical piano and vocal competitions over the years until she gradually turned away from classical and tuned into pop music.

"The fact that I could play by ear led me to play a lot of stuff I heard on the radio," she says. "I found myself feeling more fulfilled as a contemporary, modern artist instead of just replaying history."

A near-fatal moped accident in Italy two years ago ("I should have died, really," she says) that left her hospitalized with, among other injuries, a broken jaw and femur, almost put an early end to Kreviazuk's promising career.

And, although she's reluctant to lend the accident any great, epiphanical weight in the grand scheme of her life, a few months in bed did give Kreviazuk ample time to focus on "what I was and what I should be doing."

Apparently, music won out. A good call, judging by her live show.

In concert, she strips away the full-band clutter of the record to perform solo at the keyboard -- a tactic that makes the ultra-personal emotional exorcisms that are her songs much more effective.

"I like playing and singing. I hate having a band, to be honest with you," Kreviazuk says. "I really want to give (the audience) me ... I don't feel like I can do that as well with the guys playing with me. It sounds great, but the intimacy will always be the point for me.

"I want to be known for that. I really want to give that. That's what true entertainment is -- when people are so absorbed that they forget about everything else and it becomes sort of therapy or rest."

Judging by a lot of the gloomy material on Under These Rocks And Stones, one might assume writing is a form of therapy for Kreviazuk herself, although she seems quite jovial this afternoon.

"I think, if I'm honest with myself, I'm truly very depressive," she says cheerfully. "For the most part, I'm pretty dark."

"I wrote my songs. When you write your songs, the true you is going to come out ... Listen to my record -- that's who I am."

December 10th, 1997
SONY's "Buzzwords"

...Many artists on our domestic roster released albums in 1997 and Chantal Kreviazuk was no exception. This female singer/songwriter/performer from Winnipeg Manitoba emerged on the scene in October with her debut album, Under These Rocks and Stones. A classically trained pianist and talented songwriter, Chantal's first single, God Made Me, has had a strong presence at radio while her video is in heavy rotation at Muchmusic. Not only did 1996 bring Chantal her first album, it also brought her the opportunity to tour as Amanda Marshall's special guest on Amanda's sold out Canadian tour. 1997 brings a US release of her album which looks to be ready around March/April...

Winter 1997
Chantal Kreviazuk
Orysia Tracz, for UAM.

Canada.  The Winnipeg Free Press on February 26 of this year published an article about 22-year old singer of Ukrainian descent, Chantal Kreviazuk, who recently signed a contract with Sony Records. This contract is one of the largest initial record contracts awarded a Canadian singer.

Sony Records will not comment on the agreement; however, Kreviazuk's co-manager, Winnipeg musician Danny Schur, says it is worth well over one million dollars for two albums.  Schur added that Chantal is multi-talented musician who sings phenomenally, presents a great image, writes, and professionally conducts herself in her business like she sings.  "Record companies salivate when you have all of those things in one package.  Some can write, some can play, but she can do it all with panache".

Sony's representative, Michael Roth, considers her singing extraordinary: "I've never been hit like this by an artist so fast".

Date Unknown
Rising Star

Everyone's talking about Chantel Kreviazuk these days. Signed to one of the most exciting record deals since the Crash Test Dummies, Winnipeg born Chantel has been given the opportunity of a lifetime. Recently back from recording her debut album in L.A. with Sony Music, Chantel met with Winnipeg's interview "guru," Howard Mandshein, to fill us all in on the latest buzz.

H :To me, music is an addiction, a bug. When did the bug first hit you?
C: Oh gosh, I've been playing the piano by ear since I was three, and I don't remember my life without it.
H: You don't remember anything that really got you hooked?
C: You know, I have to say that I was very fortunate in the sense that I was always the youngest, I had older brothers, cousins and a lot of cool music around me as a child. I developed a passion very early on.
H: Do you have people that you emulate?
C: Not really. Actually, say I'm on a Ricki Lee Jones kick and I write a song during that time, I can go through my songs and say who I was really inspired by at that time.
H: How would you describe the record? Where you were at a certain period in your life?
C: I think some of it is where we are, in this period and I think some of it is periods of my life. And some of it is just me generally speaking.
H: Would you say that it's comparable to anything that's out now?
C: Uh-uh. It's very, very different.
H: Is that to say you have your own unique sound?
C: That's for sure. It's different. That's one thing I'm very confident about, it's like nothing I've heard.
H: When I watch a musician in a band, they enter a private world where you often see a child at play. Can you talk about that deep joyous experience he feels?
C: For a musician, that is the most beautiful place on earth. It's one of the joys of being a musician because in life you are constantly appeasing others, life is about finding out the self sacrifices, the ultimate existence, I think. It's dance, performing, whatever it may be, but the bottom line is balance. It's the ultimate form of balance.
H: Do you put pressure on yourself?
C: I have high standards, but I do my best. If it doesn't work out, it just wasn't meant to be.
H: Is there anything that intimidates you? Life, music or anything?
C: I struggle with classic versus trends. What's hip and happening, it's like you want to be really cool, you want to be really hip and on top of this time, notwithstanding the truth that that's going to go out. My stuff doesn't really go to that point. It's not trendy. It's not here and now.
H: That's a positive. It could work in '96 or '98.
C: Yes, it is a positive, but it intimidates me a little bit and I think it frightens me because I'm young. My friends are quite young and I know what they dig. I know until the album comes out and I see it being successful, I don't see it being super cool yet.
H: Were you given any advice from your father in life that you try to follow?
C: Every day. Every day my father says to me, "One thing I'm going to tell you today...." and it changes every day.
H: Any thoughts on a video yet?
C: There'll be a couple, I'm hoping to get Andy Moorhead, who is a long time friend of mine to direct them. I think we're going to release a song "God Made Me" first, and I've had some thoughts about what I'd like to do with the video. I'd like to do something a little more off the wall.
H: It's an asset to have someone who will go to bat for you, who wants to go that extra mile to help you out.
C: People are really putting energy into it. It's really a blessing and rewarding to see. I could probably spend 24 hrs. a day thanking people and showing my gratitude and appreciation towards them. I could make a job out of it.
H: If the record is successful, people will get rewarded in that way.
C: I hope so. It would be nice, not just for me, but for everyone.

December 16, 1996
New Single Set for Release

God Made Me, the first single from the album continues to be strong at radio and is on the verge of breaking into the top 20 at CHR radio. The next single from the album is set to be Believer and will be at radio in January. The video has already been shot and is ready for Muchmusic.

November 11, 1996
Touring with Amanda Marshall

Chantal has been invited to be Amanda Marshall's guest on Amanda's pre-Christmas cross Canada tour. Chantal will be flying solo - just her and her piano on stage for what promises to be a collection riveting performances. And the dates are:

November 19 - Buffalo Bills, Whistler, BC
November 20 - Richard On Richards, Vancouver, BC
November 21 - Richard On Richards, Vancouver, BC
November 22 - Strathacoma Hotel, Victoria, BC
November 24 - Wild Bill's, Banff, AB
November 25 - Thunderdome, Edmonton, AB
November 26 - Back Alley, Calgary, AB
November 27 - Louis Pub U of Saskatoon, Saskatoon, SK
November 29 - Hanbridge Hall, Regina, SK
November 30 - TBA, Winnipeg, MN
December 1 - Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, ON
December 2 - N. Bay Arts Centre, North Bay, ON
December 13 - Guvernment, Toronto, ON
December 11 - Barrymores, Ottawa ON
December 16 - Barrymores, Ottawa ON
December 17 - Barrymores, Ottawa ON

October 25, 1996
Getting to know Chantal

Continuing her press tour across the country, Chantal Kreviazuk will be in Toronto next week. On Monday, October 28th, Chantal will appear live on 102.1's Live In Toronto at 7:00pm. In addition to a live interview, Chantal will give a live acoustic performance. Following this on Tuesday will be an appearance on Canada AM at 8:45pm EST and her previously taped performance on the Dini Petty show will air on October 30th. Check your local listings for details. If you miss all that, you've got another chance to catch Chantal on Q107 between 6-7pm EST next Friday. Keep an eye out for the video for her first single, God Made Me, which was added at Muchmusic into medium rotation in its first week!!

October 8, 1996
Chantal's Debut Album in Stores October 8th

A new face enters the Canadian Music Scene today by the name of Chantal Kreviazuk. Hailing from Winnipeg Manitoba, this young pianist, singer and songwriter begins an exciting journey in the world of music.

To celebrate the release of the album, Chantal is travelling to the major cities in Canada to perform at album launch parties. The first one was held in her hometown of Winnipeg on October 3rd where she wowed the audience with her performance. Toronto had its party on October 7th and Montreal will host Chantal on October 9th.

The first single from the album is God Made Me and is posed to make a big impact at radio, while the accompanying video is just in the final editing stages and will be sent to Muchmusic in the coming weeks.


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