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A Collection of Cyrano Essays

Sherri Bray

In Act IV when Roxanne arrives at camp with food, there is great celebration. Cyrano is depressed at seeing Christian and Roxanne together and goes for a walk. As Cyrano was trudging through the forest constructing a poem to express his sorrow, he was attacked and killed by the enemy. Word of Cyrano's death traveled quickly back to camp. When Christian heard of the terrible news, he instantly became worried. He didn't know whether to tell Roxanne the truth about Cyrano writing the letters, or just allow her to mourn his death and tell her later. Roxanne sat sobbing in Christian's arms. Then, out of nowhere, Roxanne asked Christian to speak his comforting words to her. At this moment Christian looked teary eyed at Roxanne, and he told her he needed to tell her the truth. Christian proceeded to tell her everything. He told her of the night below her balcony, all of the "forged" letters, and the words Cyrano prepared for him.

When he had finished, he told her he knew she would need time to think and he would leave her alone. He gave her a small hug and walked silently away. As Christian motioned to leave, Roxanne called him back to talk. She told him she cared for him deeply, but her true love died with Cyrano. She said she was extremely sorry, and needed time to mourn Cyrano's death. One year later. .. Roxanne is living in a convent and is told there is a guest waiting in the garden. She arrives in the garden to see Christian waiting nervously. He tells her not to say anything until he's done speaking. He then tells her how much he's sorry for everything, but how much his heart still burns with love for her. He tells her he needed to reveal all of his regrets before he could move on with his life.

He ends by saying he doesn't have the magical, precious words that Cyrano had, but he has a love ever so deep as the one in which Cyrano had shared. Tears rose in Roxanne's eyes as she gave him a hug. She tells him she would never be completely over Cyrano, but there is no one she would rather spend her life with than Christian.

Cyrano De Bergerac: A Wicked Death
From the French News Network:

On the date of September 9, 1655, Cyrano De Bergerac unknowingly and fatally endangered himself by walking under an upstairs window. Little did he know what was going to befall him, quite literally, that crisp autumn morning. We now have a statement from a friend who was near and dear to him.

This statement is from Ragueneau who saw the actual event take place. "It happened like this," Ragueneau starts, "as I was approaching Cyrano's house that afternoon, on my way to visit him, I saw him come out. I hurried to catch up with him. I can't say for certain that it wasn't an accident, but when he was about to turn the corner a lackey dropped a piece of firewood on him from an upstairs window. I rushed to him. My friend was Iying on the ground with a big hole in his head. Then I found a doctor who was willing to come and aid us out of charity.

While the doctor was checking him I went to find Le Bret." "Thank you very much Monsieur Ragueneau. Is there anything else you'd like to add?" asked the reporter. "Yes, I'd like to add that Cyrano's death was very ironic, because he told me one day many years ago the way he wanted to die. He said, 'I hope that when death comes to me it will find me fighting in a good cause and making a clever remark. I want to be struck down by the only noble weapon, the sword, wielded by an adversary worthy of me, and to die not in a sickbed but on the field of glory, with sharp steel in my heart and a flash of wit on my lips.'

"I wouldn't wish on any man to suffer the death that Cyrano suffered. If I knew and could get my hands on the man that killed my friend I would most definitely avenge his death ! " Many of you might've known Cyrano and many might've wished that they hadn't. But Cyrano was a very brave man. Unlike many of us, he was in idealist. He wouldn'tcompromise or change for anyone or anything and that was probably one of the reasons that ultimately led to his death. But he did die, I must say, a very heroic death. They say he was on his feet until the end talking about all of his old enemies and how he wasn't going to give up so easily. We tried to get a statement from Roxane, but she is still in mourning. We will, however, be able to hear her give the eulogy at Cyrano's funeral.

The funeral will be held Sunday morning at 9:00 p.m. De Guiche will also be giving a statement on Cyrano's behalf. Now that we have all heard the story of this brave man's inopportune death I wish that you would all take a moment of silence to remember him whether you were friend or foe. And to Cyrano: may you take your white plume with you always.

Kurtis Gelwicks
Cyrano Alternate Ending

A lonely, pale-green leaf skipped down the street basking in the bright rays of the glaring sun. It was not so bright though, in the local doctor's hospital. It had been about a week after the great war with the Spanish. Many soldiers were having their wounds tended to. The most popular patient seemed to be Christian. Many people crowded around his bed, many giving sympathy to Roxanne. Christian was apparently on his death bed, still in a coma, after being shot. One person not mourning in Christian's room was Cyrano De Bergerac, who was wandering the streets musing over his great dilemma. Should he keep silent and not tell Roxanne anything, or should he honor Christian's wish and reveal the truth to Roxanne? If only Christian would awaken so he could talk with him. Cyrano was walking along with his head down looking at the gravel.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared on the ground, and he jerked his head up to see a log plummeting towards his face. Cyrano's bed now lay beside Christian's. Rageneau had discovered Cyrano's bleeding body and carried it in to the hospital. As both men lay unconscious, everyone's hopes seemed to have diminished. All of a sudden, Roxanne's mournful face turned into a look of shock. Christian's eyes were slowly opening.

"Roxanne...", muttered Christian slowly. "Oh, Christian", rejoiced Roxanne, "you're alive!" "I'm afraid not for long, though", said Christian groggily. "Before I leave you for good, there are some things you must know. It's not me you love Roxanne. The real soul you adore is that of Cyrano De Bergerac's, for he is the one who wrote to you and spoke to you of love. I'm just a fraud." Christian didn't notice Cyrano Iying near him, still unconscious. Roxanne just stared at Christian in awe. Christian continued, his breathing labored,

"But, although Cyrano wrote and talked to you, I loved you just as passionatley!. The only reason I'm still alive is that, although I will never fully have your love, I wanted to be the one to bring you true love!" Just as Christian drew in his last breath, Cyrano's eyes dowly opened, and Roxanne looked eye to eye with the warrior for whom her heart truly yearned.

Mandy Mowen pd3
"she died"
If Roxanne Died...

When Roxanne went to visit Christian at the battlefield, she was unaware of the fact that there were diseases everywhere. She had stayed for quite a while because Christian had been severly wounded. They returned home a few weeks after his remarkable recovery.
Within a year, they had a baby girl and couldn't be happier. Until the day Christian went into Roxanne's room and found her lying in bed, dying. He called for a doctor and while she was being examined, he also called for Cyrano.

"What's the matter, my friend?" Cyrano inqueried.

"It's Roxanne," Christian said. "She's dying. We're not sure from what yet but the doctor sould know soon."

"Roxanne. My only blooming flower in winter and she too will soon parish."

"You must tell her!" Christian exclaimed. "She must leave this world knowing the truth and who it was she really loved and who also loved her."

"No! I can not! She...she must assume they were your words."

After many long minutes of arguing, Christian finally convinced Cyrano to tell Roxanne. They went back into the room to say good-bye.

"Roxanne," Christian said, "Cyrano has something that needs to be told to you."

"What is it?" she asked weakly.

He nudged Cyrano forward. "Go ahead."

"Well," he started, "there is a nagging secret which is pounding in my chest like hail upon a meadow and..."

Just as he was saying this, they heard her whisper,
" I know it was you, the letters, the voice under the balconey. All you. It was you I loved, not Christian. In the begining, yes. That night he was wounded on the battlefield and you were comforting me, I recognized that voice from the balconey and the words from the letters."

She smiled. "I always loved that about you. I loved Christian for his beautiful face and what I thought were his words. But they were yours and I must tell YOU that I. too. love You.l' With that.

"She knew all along! How? Why?" Cyrano exclaimed.

Quietly, Christian said,"We must talk. Outside."

They sat down on a bench and he started. "I must confess this. I was how she knew. I told her everything. It was a day about three weeks ago. We sat right here and talked for a long time. She understood it all. What she told you in there about her loving you was genuine. She really did love you and I told her if this was so I wouldn't stand in her way. But it seems as if a much stronger force did. I'm sure you feel as upset as I but you must remember that she has gone to a far better place and we should grieve for the time needed." With a sigh and a single tear, Christian ended.

"Yes, I will grieve for a long time. But without her, my life no longer has meaning. I will leave now. There is much thinking to be done," Cyrano replied.

That was the last anyone saw Cyrano. No one knows where, or even if, he is living. Those who know this story and were close to Cyrano have made sure that it has lived on as one of the greatest love stories of all time.

Sarah Jacobs
Final Draft
"Roxane finds a good-bye love letter from Cyrano"

To my only love; Roxane, You are my bright shining star and I, your silver moon. Throughout all these years, I have been content with the specks of shimmering stardust, as your light was cast to others. I stood in solitude in the darkness, waiting for a single beam of light. My overwhelming love for you could brighten the entire galaxy, yet was still unseen; unheard. I have chosen this moment, as I am on my deathbed, to explain my absolute and true love. So while I may ascend up to the heavens, my light can still be glowing brightly as I join the eternal sheen of lovers in the sky. Hopefully, my strong glimmer of love shall illuminate your life long after I am gone. There is a difference between me and that of the silver moon; a moon sets daily and is replaced by the rising sun. I shall not set, nor be replaced, but instead, my love will shine constantly. My moonbeams will drench your soul for eternity as I will continue to radiate my undying love. I do have but one request: remember my life, remember my love, and remember me, but not the form in which I left you.

Cyrano De Bergerac

Brandy Searfoss
(~ 3 English

This my friends, is a sorrowful day. The day we must say goodbye to our dear friend Cyrano. There is a terrible melancholy upon us. But now, Cyrano is at a better place. I will now take this time to read a letter that we found on our beloved friend after he passed on. Please join me as we remember our friend, Cyrano.

Dear Loyal Friends,

By this time I am gone to a far better place. I have fallen victim to the worst enemy of all, death. This awful time must come to everyone who is at least mortal, and now my friends, my eternity is beginning. Let your tears not fall; don't weep for me a twinkling longer. Roxane- your eyes, blue and beautiful like the sea- don't let them be darkened by sadness. For now, I drift upon the heavens peering down upon the sea, the land, and my most exquisite friends. I have lived my life to the fullest but now I must rest for all eternity. Love is sculptured in my heart now and forever more. For I shall never forget my one true love, Roxane.

The passion I felt for thee will never be doused by the tears of my eternal rest. My heart seems as though still alive, driven on by the vision of your elegance I captured. There is a special bond that will forever endure in our hearts. My only aspiration was to have our hearts together beat as one. I feel that now, even though I have passed on.

To my friends and Roxane: Love is immortal, unlike human beings, but if we possess this love in our hearts, maybe we too may be immortal. The soul lives on forever on the lips and hearts of those we loved, and those we touched with our presence. To give love, we must also receive it. I have learned multitudinous lessons, I have taken many tests. However, the truest test of all is life, friends, and love.

I, Cyrano de Bergerac, feel as if my life was filled with fortune and ecstasy. With my closing words drawing near, I must say to thee: What comes from thy heart speaks so loudly that sadness cannot be heard, and sorrow not felt. Don't let your tears flow any longer, for life is too short to stand weeping.


What if Christian told Roxane the truth before they left for war?

9~Adrienne Walls pd. 3

[Christian is waking around outside of Roxane's house thinking about the past few days.]

Christian:(to himself) Roxane loves my "soul" not me. She loves Cyrano. I've got to tell her the truth. It is not fair to any of us. (Christian calls for Roxane, she appears and they start to talk.)

Roxane: Oh Christian, my love, what do you wish to speak to me about?

Christian: I haven't been completely honest with you. I'm not the person you love. I didn't write you the letters or poems. I wasn't the one speaking under your balcony that night. The words were not mine. They were Cyrano's. He's the one you love, not me. He has the soul that you love. I don't know how to express my feeling to a woman like he can. I hope you can forgive me. Cyrano and I meant no harm.

Roxane:(looking surprised) could you?(with lots of emotions. )

Christian: We wanted to create an "ideal man" for you. To make you happy. Cyrano was the soul and I was the looks. We just wanted the best for you.

Roxane: I don't believe this. You lied to me. I should have known. And that night you only said that you loved me very much, you said it because you didn't have your "soul" with you. I should have guessed. Please go. I need some time to think. (she is very upset and is almost crying.)

[Christian leaves, very upset, to look for Cyrano to tell him what he just told Roxane. He finds Cyrano at the pastry shop.]

Christian: Cyrano, I told Roxane the truth. I couldn't keep Iying to her. I love her too much.

Cyrano:(angrily) You what! You told her the truth without consulting me first. How could you do something so foolish. How am I supposed to face her now? It's ruined. I can never speak to her again.

Christian: You are going to talk to her. She will want to know the whole story, from the both of us.

[Roxane is in room thinkin~ about what Christian had told her. She can't decide if she should go talk to Cyrano or not. Finally she decides to go see him. She finds him at the pastry shop. When Cyrano saw her, he quickly got up to leave but Roxane chased after him.]

Roxane:(calling for Cyrano) Cyrano. I need to know the truth. Please speak to me.[He stops walking away and comes back to her. They sit down to talk.] Was it you who wrote the letters? I know it wasn't Christian. I should have listened to you when you said he was stupid and someone handsome couldn't possibly be smart. I was foolish to have fallen in love with the way he looks but now I love his "soul", and that is your soul. T am in love with you.

Cyrano: No! you don't love me. You love Christian. You could never love someone like me. I don't love you.

Roxane: Yes you do and I love you. Tell me that you love me.

Cyrano: Oh Roxane, I do love you more then anything on this planet.

Roxane: Why didn't you tell me before?

Cyrano: You would have laughed at me. Look at me! I'm not a handsome man like the one you deserve.

Roxane: You are very handsome to me. When I look at you, I don't see your nose, I see your soul, your beautiful soul. That is all that matters to me. I love you.

Cyrano: And I love you.

[Roxane gets a divorce from Christian and then marries Cyrano. Cyrano and the rest ofthe Cadets are sent of~to war by De Guiche. Everyone ofthe Cadets is killed except for Cyrano. He returns after three months on the battle fields. He and Roxane live happily for many years until one day when Cyrano was killed in a duel by one of his many enemies. ]