Patrick Clouet also ripped off R.E. Young for US $720 (roughly $1200 CND)


Below you'll find the email exchange between the two, along with a scan of the FedEx bill that shows R.E. Young sending the money order to Patrick.



As this email exchange shows, Patrick Clouet used the same tactics to defraud R.E. Young as he did with me. Invalid tracking numbers, a claim of a "broken camera", and falsehoods.


R.E. Young has also filed a complaint with the FBI Fraud Complaint Center.



On 12/4/01, I contacted seller (Patrick Clouet) and asked him what his asking price would be if he would cancel the auction right then.  He replied same day with the price of $700.00, plus $20 shipping costs.


On 12/6/01, I FedEx'd a U.S. money order for $720.00 to Mr. Clouet to the address:  133 Rue De L'aude, Beauport, QC  G1B2M3.


On 12/7/01, I received an e-mail from Mr. Clouet at 12:26pm, stating that payment had arrived.  Stated that he was going to ship out my package to me that night.


On 12/7/01, at 10:16pm, Mr. Clouet e-mailed stating that it was too late to overnight Saturday.  Also, said his bank said he must wait 10 days for money order to clear since it was from USA.  I replied stating that was not satisfactory to me.


On 12/7/01 at 11:32pm, Clouet replied asking to hold it at least two workdays.  I replied "no".


On 12/8/01 at 10:20am, Clouet stated that he would send the camera this day and "hopes the money order will be ok".  Also said I should receive my camera by Monday.


On 12/9/01 at 5:07pm, Clouet e-mailed stating "sorry for the delay, here is the tracking number 253698541256".


On 12/10/01 at 4:54pm, Clouet e-mailed stating he sent my package via Canada Post.


On 12/11/01 at 4:10pm, Clouet e-mailed inquiring as to whether I had received my package.


On 12/11/01 at 4:34pm, I e-mailed Clouet stating I had not received my package.  He responded saying "would check and come back to me asap".


On 12/11/01 at 4:57pm, I inquired as to what shipping company he used.  Clouet stated "this is a good question, but Purolator, I think".


On 12/11/01 at 5:16pm, Clouet states it was sent Sunday.


On 12/12/01 at 11:49am, Clouet responds by saying it was sent via Purolator.  I responded by stating I could not track it thru Purolator and they did not have record of this shipment.


On 12/13/01 at 8:30am, Clouet states "I am able to track it here, will come back to you soon".


On 12/14/01 at 12:29pm, Clouet e-mails "Hi Mr. Young, I don't know why but the camera has been re-sent to me this morning.  The company says that your address does not exist.  Can you resend it to me please?".


On 12/14/01 at 12:38pm, I replied by asking him again who he used to send it by again and asked for a tracking number.  I also provided him with my address again.


On 12/14/01 at 12:42pm, I suggested to Mr. Clouet he should send this package via FedEx.


On 12/14/01 at 7:20pm, I e-mailed Mr. Clouet stating that I "wanted my camera, if you cannot get it to me in a reasonable amount of time I want my money back".


On 12/15/01 at 5:49pm, Clouet e-mailed saying "Hi Mr. Young, it was great to talk to you yesterday.  You have called my old number, this is my parent's home.  All these people at this number don't speak English, so please call my number at 418-576-0475.  You can leave a voice message if I am not there".


On 12/15/01, 5:50pm, Clouet e-mails stating "I will go to Purolator Depot at 7pm and send you your tracking number after this".


On 12/16/01 at 11:31pm, Clouet e-mails "They were closed, Monday morning is next workday here to send this out".


On 12/18/01 at 4:39pm, Clouet e-mails, "I have some problems here, maybe it will be more simple if I return your money.  Call me 418-0576-0475 if you want, this is my portable.  I am out of town for a couple days."


On 12/18/01 at 5:40pm, Clouet e-mails, "my portable battery is broken, I will have a new one tomorrow.  Send me an e-mail if you want."


On 12/18/01 at 5:31pm, Clouet e-mails in response to my question regarding what the problem was with the camera, "The reason is the camera is broken, if I send you a new one I will only have it after Christmas Day, December 27th."


On 12/18/01 at 5:40pm, in response to my question of what is wrong with the camera, Clouet replies "the lens is scratched".


On 12/21/01 at 9:56am, Clouet e-mails "I refund your money today or you wait til December 27th."


On 12/24/01 at 2:16am, Clouet e-mails "Your camera will be sent right now."


On 12/27/01 at 6:03pm, Clouet e-mails "It was sent this morning".


On 12/28/01 at 8:26pm, Clouet e-mails stating "The shipping Company is Purolator. The tracking is at my office. i will sedn you it tommorrorw.sorry for the delay of the answer but i was in vacation. Now i am still out of town byt i will call my office tommorrow to have the tracking #."


On 12/30/01 at 3:33pm, Clouet responds on e-mail from my request for a tracking number by saying "I just called the office and he said that a complete refund as been send to you.Sorry for any seems that the refund was sent by regular mail.Call me 418-576-0475 if you want. im still out if town. i will be back january 7th."


On 1/5/02 at 5:10pm, Clouet e-mails saying "I hope that you have received the refund. i dont worked for the company now. i have moved to Montreal.You still have my cell number if you want but i can do nothing for you because im not employed of Patrick Clouet now.But if anything happenne, let me a message in my mail box and i will try to resolve it."


On 1/6/02 at 1:37am, I respond to Mr. Clouet's e-mail by stating "I have not received the refund yet. I thought you are Patrick Clouet."


On 1/6/02 at 11:22am, Clouet responds  via e-mail stating "Would you accept a personnal check from me? and i will try to resolve it by myself with Patrick Clouet? I dont want to lost my name."


On 1/6/02 at 5:06pm, I responded via e-mail to Clouet stating
"I will take a money order.  I also want it shipped overnight, as I was kind

enough to do that for you in the beginning.  If you are not Patrick Clouet,

then who did I send it to in the first place?  When I called you, you said

that was your parents number and their last name was listed as Clouet.

What's your name then?"


On 1/7/02 at 5:20pm, Clouet e-mails "You want a refund or not?"


On 1/7/02 at 6:19pm, I respond by saying "Yes I do !" and "That was supposed  to be in the mail already, wasn't it?"


On 1/7/02 at 7:11pm, Clouet responds "It will be overnight tommorrow (post desk was close today.)"


On 1/7/02 at 9:50pm, I respond with "Make sure you send me the tracking number and shipping company name."


On 1/9/02 at 5:15pm, Clouet responds to my repeated request for a tracking number by saying "Yes, yesterday night by FedEx"


On 1/9/02 at 6:08pm, I again ask Clouet "what is the tracking number?"


On 1/10/02 at 7:36pm, I e-mailed Clouet saying "Patrick, My money has not arrived.  Where is it?  You said you FedEx's it overnight 2 days ago.  I have asked you repeatedly what tracking number you have used and you never answer.  What's the deal?  Everytime you have told me you either sent the camera or sent the money and it never gets here or it's somebody else's fault. I want my money back. Period.   Rodney"


On 1/12/02 at 10:05pm, Clouet responded to my repeated attempts at reaching him on the telephone  by e-mailing me saying

"Hi Mr Young, i have called uou tonight because you have leaved a message on my portable. I have talked with my mother tonight and she said that you have called 4 times since yesterday.I still say: dont call this number, i am never there!!!! this is a little bit disturbing for my parents. If you called another time, i will blocked your number from our phone service provider."


On 1/14/02 at 4:50am, I e-mailed Clouet stating that I had discovered a website ( stating that he had "scammed" this other individual with the same tactics he was using on me and that I was going to contact the authorities unless he made payment to me immediately.