Tom Jones! Woo Woo!

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Hello and welcome to my little shrine to the King of Cool: Tom Jones.

This page was assembled from various other pages on Tom Jones. I can't take credit for writing anything here; I'm just another Tom Jones fan passing the information along. I did create a graphic or two, and scanned in a photo. I honestly can't remember all that places I found this info, or I would offer some links. Way back in 1996 the band I was in wanted to do a Tom Jones medley of She's a Lady/What's New Pussycat/It's Not Unusual, and this was my little way of saying "Thanks Tom for doing some cool stuff!".

I don't have any official contact info, I can't contact Tom for you, and I don't know his manager. If you want information of that nature, please look at the links below (especially the fan sites in the links are). That being said, enjoy the site my friends!

PS - His official website is and you can get the upcoming tour dates here! For up to date info check out this site - it has info on his new album, etc.

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