Welcome to The Wallpaper Emporium!
We're seriously overstocked,
and with 14 million dollars in inventory


Deep discounts - we gotta' sell it all!

(Ok, well, not really)

NOTE: The new Pocket PC doesn't support desktop wallpaper, so remember that P/PC means "Palm-size PC" not Pocket PC.

At this site you'll find free* wallpaper for colour Windows CE devices that you just might like (will look best on 65,000+ colour devices, but even at 256 colours they'll look cool).

Why the asterisk beside "free"? Anyone can take these files, but if you really enjoy them, go do a RACK for someone (Random ACt of Kindness). Make someone smile, help someone else, make the world just a little better one act of joy at a time.

The site is mostly P/PC based, but I've included a few wallpaper designs for H/PC and H/PC PRO devices. All wallpaper was created by me (Jason Dunn) using Ulead PhotoImpact 5.0 and a few plugins. Adobe products are for sissies. :)

I'll try my hand at making a few Sticky Buttons themes as time permits, because most of these graphics lend themselves to the creation of themes.

I haven't bothered to mar them with copyright markings, because if you really feel the need to steal these graphics and pretend that you created them, you have some serious self-confidence issues and deserve pity more than anger.

You'll notice the design of the site is pretty basic - I prefer to focus my creativity on the wallpaper rather than this site. Everything here was created in a burst of creativity at 3 am, so you'll have to excuse any errors.

Please select your Windows CE device type:

P/PC, 320 x 240
H/PC, 640 x 240
H/PC PRO, 640 x 480
H/PC PRO, 800 x 600