(Q:) Can I print from my H/PC or P/PC or Pocket PC?
(A:) Yes, but with limitations. For everything you've ever wanted to know about printing: http://www.cewindows.net/wce/20/printing.htm
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(Q:) I'm looking for a big list of CE links because I have more time than I know what to do with. Where can I find such a thing?
(A:) Most of the sites listed above have their own links section. For awesome Pocket PC links go to Craig's Pocket PC Help site or his general Windows CE site.
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(Q:) Where are the official web sites?
(A:) Here you go:

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(Q:) I have a Velo 1 or Velo 500 and want to know more about it...
(A:) It just so happens there's a Velo FAQ at http://windowsce.kensai.com/velo :-)
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(Q:) Where can I find official Microsoft information on CE?
(A:) Why, the Microsoft CE site of course! http://www.microsoft.com/mobile and http://www.pocketpc.com 
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(Q:) If the answer isn't here, and I want to be inventive and look for the answer myself, where should I look?
(A:) Chris de Herrera, has one of the BEST sites for CE information. http://www.cewindows.net - look there for FAQ's on everything! You should also take a look on PocketPC.com for Pocket PC info and resources.
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(Q:) What is Wyvern?
(A:) Wyvern was the code name for the color version of the Palm size PC.
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(Q:) What is Rapier?
(A:) Rapier was the code name for the Pocket PC OS.
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(Q:) Where can I find more information about developing for the Windows CE platform?
(A:) http://msdn.microsoft.com/cetools/ - the official Microsoft Developer's Network web site for Windows CE. This is also a great resource: http://www.microsoft.com/pocketpc/developer.asp 
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(Q:) What is the Microsoft PLUS Pack for HPC PRO devices?
(A:) The package can be downloaded for free, but one warning - you'll needs LOTS of storage space to install it. They've really given us some great tools here - worth the download.
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(Q:) What does "CE" stand for?
(A:) The official answer is "nothing". The most common "fake" term is "compact edition", but this was never officially stated by Microsoft. The media has made up several names for it, everything from "compact edition" to "consumer edition", to "consumer electronics". When CE was first announced years ago, I believe Bill Gates referred to it using several terms like "consumer, compact", etc.
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