(Q:) When I connect my HPC to my desktop machine, it tries to connect to the Internet! How can I stop this?
(A:) You have two options: go into your INTERNET settings (control panel) and tell Windows you are connected to the 'net via a LAN, which will require you to initiate a dial-up connection manually when you want to connect to the Internet; the other option is to set your browser's home page to a blank page. IE 5.0 apparently fixes this problem. And if you're running Activesync, you shouldn't be having this problem.
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(Q:) Why can't I be connected to the Internet and my CE device at the same time?
(A:) You need to get the newest DUN from Microsoft: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/downloads/ - this is for Windows 95 machines. If you're on Windows 98, you should be able to add another DUN connection and TCP/IP stack for your 'net connection. Look on the CD that came with your CE device - there might be a newer DUN on it. Please note this problem doesn't occur on NT 4.0, or most machines running IE 5.0.

Here are complete instructions posted by a CE newsgroup member:

"If you're using Win95 on your desktop, you'll first need to install the upgrade to Dial-Up Networking. Insert the  Windows CE Services 2.0 CD-ROM, wait for the Windows CE Servies menu to appear and then select option 4:  Optional Components from the menu. A directory will open. Open the Microsoft Windows 95 Dial-Up  Networking Upgrade version 1.2 folder. The window that opens may be small, in which case the folder may be  abbreviated "Microsoft Windows..." Double-click the Msdun12 file to run the upgrade installer. You'll be asked  to agree to the software license and the software will be copied to your ahrd drive.

When the file copying is finished, you'll be asked to click OK to restart the computer. After you computer  reboots, Windows will configure and finish installing the upgrade. You may get error messages about the  installation trying to copy files that are older than the onew already on your computer. Go ahead and click Yes to keep the newer versions. After the installation is complete, your computer will restart one more time. The  next time the computer boots up, it will be ready to go - you'll be able to connect to your CE computer and ISP at the same time. If you open the Network Control Panel, you'll notice you now have two dial-up adapters, not  one. One is for you ISP, the other is for your CE computer. The reason both couldn't peacefully coexixt before is that they were using the same Dial Up Adapter, which just won't work."

You can also find more instructions for setting this up at http://members.tripod.com/Frank_McPherson/how/answ6.htm
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(Q:) I have a Palm-size PC. Can I get a Web browser for it?
(A:) A program called "Proxy Web" allows on-line browsing. It's a browser which accesses a "proxy server" which processes its pages by converting them into a format more useful to the Palmsize PC's smaller and four greyscale screen. http://www.proxinet.com/  A non-proxied online web browser can be found at http://www.conduits.com/pspc/index.html. Another can be found at http://www.smartcodesoft.com/products/handhelds/hh_CE_handweb.html. And of course, be sure to check out Mike's list of PsPc software. Also, iBrowser from Foliage is supposed to be quite good!
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(Q:) Inbox won't work with MSN!
(A:) MSN doesn't support standard POP3, and neither does AOL. The most extensive list of CE ISP settings is located here: http://www.cewindows.net/wce/isp.htm - please read this and try out different settings before asking a question. You can access MSN mail using PIE and Hotmail.  For information on how to to do that go here: http://members.tripod.com/Frank_McPherson/how/answ3.htm
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(Q:) Are there other email options?
(A:) Yes! There are several other email programs out there for a variety of different corporate solutions. There is NO other POP3 mail programs however - the Microsoft Inbox is our only option at the moment. More email info can be found here: http://www.cewindows.net/wce/20/email.htm
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(Q:) Why can't I see frames with Pocket Internet Explorer, and what can other versions of PIE do?
(A:) Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE) 1.0 supported basic HTML 3.0, but no frames. PIE 1.1 added support for HTTPS and SSL2, SSL3, PCT. PIE 2.0 supports frames, but that's about it for new additions. 

PIE 2.0 does NOT support Java, JavaScript, ActiveX, VB script, Flash, or any other similar technology. PIE 2.0 is 64 bit. PIE 2.0 comes with CE 2.0 - you can't download it for CE 1.0. The complete specs for the Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer can be found here: http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q158/4/79.asp

NEW: The new HPC/Pro with CE 2.11 has Pocket Internet Explorer 3.0 that supports the following technologies:
*Connect to shared folders on the network
*CryptoAPI 1.0, Security Support Interface (SSPI), and 128-bit encryption support (where allowed by law)
(128 bit version is available for download here: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsce/downloads/pccompanions/128ssl.asp )
*Support for Java Script and improved compatibility with HTML 3.2
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(Q:) Does CE support Java?
(A:) Yes, just recently Sun has released a beta version of Personal Java for Windows CE on MIPS processors.  It is available from the Sun Developers Connection (you must register, but registration is free).

An alternative is a Java-compatible language called Waba from WabaSoft.

Another alternative is CrEme from NSI.COM

There *was* a developers VM that could be loaded onto a CE device, but it was removed from the Microsoft web-site. It did not hook into PIE 1.0 or 2.0 in any manner, and was strictly for development purposes.

Some HPC/Pro machines have increased support for Java - the HP Jornado has a Java VM on the CD that you can load. However, it still doesn't hook into the Pocket Internet Explorer in any fashion. All in all, Java on CE isn't very well supported.
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(Q:) Can I FTP? Telnet?
(A:) You bet! Look through any of the software sites listed at the beginning of this FAQ, and you'll see plenty of options. Scotty FTP from Ruksun is a great program for FTP. There's also another powerful program called vxHpc made by Cambridge here - it has full VT52, VT100, VT101, VT102, VT220, VT320, VT420 and Wang 2110A emulation.
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(Q:) How do I remove messages from my Inbox without deleting them from the server (Palm-size PC and HPC)?
(A:) Highlight the Inbox folder and select "Clear Inbox" from the menu.
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(Q:) How do I remove messages from my Inbox that have already been removed from the server and are "stuck" in my WinCE inbox (Palm-size PC and HPC)?
(A:) Follow these steps:

On the device, move the items from the Deleted Items folder to the Inbox folder.

On the device, create a new temporary folder.

On the device, move the items that you undeleted in Step 1 from the Inbox folder to the new folder.

Synchronize the device with the desktop PC.

Highlight the new temporary folder and press delete.  Respond "Yes" to permanently delete folder.

It works like this: CE downloads your email, but it leaves a copy on the server (even if you tell it not to). When you delete the email, it goes into the DELETED ITEMS folder. When you EMPTY the DELETED ITEMS folder, it tries to connect to the server and purge your email account of the email that you are telling it to delete. When it can't find it (because it's been downloaded and deleted by your main PC), you get an error. I'm sure there must have been some reason for MS to think this was useful, but I can't figure out why...   :-)

You can find more info out here: http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q177/2/97.asp?FR=0 Lastly, you can remove the service and it will remove all email associated with that service.
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(Q:) What settings should I use when using my Windows CE device with a mobile phone to dial into the Internet?
(A:) These settings work with the Ericsson SH888.  Create a new connection using the IrDA device as the modem. Set up the other parameters as follows: Baud rate 57600, Data bits: 8, Parity: None, Stop bits: 1, Flow control: Hardware. Yes, that's 57600. Even though GSM data operates at 9600, with compression used it could be more, so put it up quite high. Set up the TCP/IP settings as per the instructions from your ISP – generally, you will use a server-assigned IP address with software compression and IP header compression. Slip set to off, and the name servers as supplied by your ISP. 
Submitted by John Kennedy
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(Q:) I have my system dialing up to the Internet. Using Inbox, I can receive email fine, but when I try and send any I get a warning dialog saying "Unknown SMTP error" and the mail isn't sent!
(A:) Check with your ISP that you have the email service settings correct. Also, put angled brackets ("<" and ">") around all outgoing addresses, and also around your own address in the Reply to: box. 
Submitted by John Kennedy
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(Q:) I've just got  a mobile phone which I'm trying to use with my Windows CE system. Whenever I try to dial, all I get is "No Carrier". What am I doing wrong?
(A:) You mightn't be doing anything wrong. If your mobile phone network hasn't switched on the data features for your phone this is what happens. You will have to contact them and ask – they may also give you two new numbers, one for incoming data and one for incoming fax. 
Submitted by John Kennedy
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(Q:) Can I retrieve AOL email with my CE device?
(A:) You can use AOL's web-based mail software at http://netmail.web.aol.com. Handmail, another program that was promising, has been discontinued. Very curious! If you're REALLY desperate, you can try getting the DOS emulator and running an old DOS-based AOL client. 100% hack, but it works (or so I hear). WIth the new HP Jornada 540 Pocket PC devices you get AOLMail, but I don't know where you can download it from if you don't have a Jornada device...
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(Q:) What news server contains the Microsoft public Windows CE newsgroups?
(A:) You can find the Microsoft public newsgroups at the msnews.microsoft.com news server.   You should also be able to find these groups on your ISP's news server, or by using Dejanews at http://www.dejanews.com.
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(Q:) Why can't I get ICQ to work on my HPC PRO?
(A:) Because Mirabilis (the makers of ICQ) was bought out by the bloated and monolithic AOL, development on basically everything has been killed. Three cheers for narrow-minded corporate thinking! :-( Anyways the solution to this is a bit of a hack, but it should work: Some newer HPC Pro don't have the mfcce20.dll file in ROM. Some 3rd party software still needs that DLL, but in the PRO ROM, the file is mfcce211.dll so it doesn't find what it needs. To solve this, simply find the mfcce20.dll file for your processor (SH3, MIPS, whatever) and copy it in the \windows\ directory on your handheld. That will hopefully do the trick, and you can find the file at www.cemonster.com. You can also try manually adding in the IP address of the ICQ server, which is - this might do the trick! You can also try the AOL Instant Messenger. No word on an MSN Messenger client for CE.
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(Q:) How can I measure the modem speed I'm connecting with?
(A:) There is no way to do this built into the box, and I'm not aware of any 3rd party WinCE apps. On the other hand, you can try the MSN Computing Central Speed Test page!
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(Q:) How do I move mobile channels to a storage card?
(A:) This is unsupported and requires drastic actions to perform: http://www.fmcpherson.com/knowce/how/answ5.htm
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(Q:) Which ISPs support Windows CE?  What settings should I use when connecting to one of these ISPs?
(A:) Chris De Herrera maintains a list of ISPs that support Windows CE and the settings required to use them at http://www.cewindows.net/wce/isp.htm
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(Q:) Where can I find a web-based calendar service that will sync with my CE device?
(A:) AnyDay.com offers a free internet-based calendar.
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