(Q:) Where can I find a good chess program? Or a good game? Or a fax program? Or....?
(A:) There are several dozen CE review/download sites on the web that contain downloads for nearly every type of Windows CE software; games, utilities, productivity apps, etc. Without playing any favourites, here are some of the most comprehensive sites:

CE City - http://www.wincecity.com
Tucows PDA- http://pda.tucows.com/wince/
Windows CE Online - http://www.winceonline.com
Winfiles - http://www.winfiles.com/apps/ce/
Mike's Palm-Sized PCs - http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/Lab/3533/palm_sw.html (this is a GREAT list of PSPC software)
WinCE Infoware - http://www.ifu.net/~mgc/winceiw.html (large collection of textual documents in various CE formats)
PocketPC.com - http://www.pocketpc.com - lots of reviews on software

If it's not on one of these sites, the product either doesn't exist yet or might be a custom app. There's always the good old search engines!
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(Q:) Can I connect to a machine running LINUX?
(A:) This link is broken, and a web search couldn't locate the new page...in a nutshell, someone figured out how to do it, but I don't know the details.
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(Q:) I'm worried about viruses for Windows CE. Is there a virus scanner?
(A:) There was a virus scanner at one point, but it's been pulled from the market. Considering that CE devices don't have the traditional vulnerabilities to viruses that most desktop PC's have (like integrated running of scripts in Outlook email previews) you don't need to worry about viruses on your CE devices...yet. Someday, I'm sure someone will come up with something, but for now, there are no Windows CE viruses that I'm aware of.
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(Q:) Can I use my CE device as a touch pad for drawing on the screen of my computer, etc? Like an art tablet?
(A:) Yes! Some new software was released that allows you to do this... http://www.softscribe.com/activetablet/
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(Q:) What are mobile channels? How do I use them? Help!
(A:) Further information can be found near the bottom of MSN Computing Central's Mobile Channels page under "About Mobile Channels". Mobile Channels have been replaced on the Pocket PC by Mobile Favorites - a far nicer solution. Also, check out AvantGo, a very nice solution as well.
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(Q:) Is there an application for Windows CE that will act as a remote for my TV/VCR/Stereo/Other IR device?
(A:) Amazingly, yes! Limited range though. http://skycommander.webjump.com/ - but be aware it only works with SH3 devices (HP and Ericsson): From the author: "I've done some reading up on the datasheets and user manuals of the various MIPS processors(NEC and Philips) used by Windows CE devices, and the conclusion is that the Consumer IR driver cannot be ported to the MIPS platform. This is due to architectural differences between the SH3 and MIPS which disallow the same implementation of the Consumer IR driver on the SH3 to be applied on the MIPS. I am terribly sorry to disappoint those who have been waiting eagerly for SkyCommander to be supported on their MIPS devices. Nevertheless, a big thank you for showing interest in this product."
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(Q:) Can I play MP3's on my CE device?
(A:) You bet! www.xaudio.com (basic "shell" but it's free) and www.utopiasoft.com (pretty). My personal favourite for the Palm-size PC is Pocket Player from Conduits. And of course there's the freeware Microsoft player for MP3 and WMA format!
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(Q:) I'm confused about the version of CE that I'm running...
(A:) This is a bit complicated...

Windows CE Services 2.2 - This is the desktop Win95/98 software that allow sync between your PC and a H/PC or P/PC. This is a software download you get from your OEM.

CE Apps/Shell 1.0 & CE O/S 1.0 (1st gen devices) - HPC (ie: Velo 1)
CE Apps/Shell 2.0 & CE O/S 2.0 (2nd gen devices) - HPC (ie: Velo 500)
CE Apps/Shell 3.0 & CE O/S 2.11 (3rd gen devices) - HPC Pro, ROM upgrade for some units
CE Apps/Shell 4.0 & CE O/S 3.0 (4th gen devices) - unknown

CE Apps/Shell 2.0 & CE O/S 2.0 (1st gen devices) - PsPc (ie: Philips Nino)
CE Apps/Shell 2.x & CE O/S 2.11 (1.5 gen devices) - Wyvern PsPc's (ie: Casio E-105)
CE Apps/Shell 3.0 & CE O/S 3.0 (2nd gen devices) - Pocket PC (ie: HP Jornada 545)
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(Q:) What is ActiveSynch 3.1? What does it fix? Where can I get it?
(A:) ActiveSynch 3.1 is the latest update to the PC-side component of Windows CE. The newest version allows for much easier NT 4 installing, Windows 2000 compatibility, doesn't hog the serial port at boot (lets you use a serial mouse with it), supports faster synching, much better conflict resolution for resolving problems, and a host of other bug fixes. You can get it from: http://www.microsoft.com/mobile/downloads/activesync.asp. Yes, it was previously called "Windows CE Services", but Microsoft got creative with the name. :-)
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(Q:) Can I get an upgrade to CE 2.11 for my CE 2.0 HPC device?
(A:) Probably. The scoop (and this is all I know, so don't ask for dates please!)

HP - yes
Sharp - yes
NEC - yes, only for the 750C (not the 700)
Philips - no (Grr!)
LG - likely
Hitachi - unknown

More info here: http://members.tripod.com/Frank_McPherson/where/where2.htm
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(Q:) How can I use other languages on my CE device?
(A:) http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Pagoda/1675/ - this will get you started
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(Q:) Where can I download new CE software from Microsoft?
(A:) http://www.microsoft.com/windows/downloads
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(Q:) Where can I find more information about developing on the CE platform?
(A:) The CE development info has been integrated with the MSDN - here.
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(Q:) I have Quicken or MS Money. Is there an application I can use for this?
(A:) Yes, there is a version of Quicken called Pocket Quicken 2.1 for Windows CE.  Microsoft has not released a "pocket" version of MS Money for the Palm-size PC, but there is a version for the Pocket PC and for HPC devices. There is a 3rd party application, called Pocket Finance, which is distributed by LandWare http://www.landware.com that advertises to work with both Quicken and MS Money. There is also Quicken ExpenseAble for Windows CE , Ruksun ExpenseForce and Illium's Keep Track that offer various types of expense reporting. The new Pocket PC devices have Microsoft Money on them! But there is no version to download for the Palm-size PC. If you have an HPC, you can get Microsoft Money for HPC on the ActiveSync 3.1 CD-ROM (watch this page for an order form).
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(Q:) Where is Excel for my PPC? Or Word?
(A:) Microsoft chose not to put Word or Excel on the Palm-size PC. There is no way to get it, no place to buy it, and no way to run it. If you need these applications, buy an HPC. You can try out bSquare's spreadsheet app here, and Z4Soft has another app here. If you get a new Pocket PC, Pocket Word and Pocket Excel are included.
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(Q:) Where can I find additional (free) maps for Pocket Streets?
(A:) The only free maps are contained on the Microsoft Page.  If those maps do not meet your needs then you MUST purchase Streets98 from Microsoft. Streets98 is a road map of the entire 50 states.  There is an option in Streets98 to make maps for H/PC.

"End users of these mapping products are currently restricted to redistribution of no more than 1000 copies of maps from Microsoft Expedia Streets or Microsoft Expedia Trip Planner which can be created and distributed by you for non-commercial purposes only. These restrictions apply to all forms of distribution, including web site distribution."

The software is very inexpensive.  For approximately $35.00 you get Streets98 and TripMaker. For more information about putting maps on your web site, try here: http://www.expediamaps.com/maps-on-your-site.asp
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(Q:) Where can I find maps for London England?
(A:) http://www.londonmap.com
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(Q:) Where can I find maps for Canada, South America, Europe, etc.?
(A:) Microsoft only makes maps for the US. You'll have to search for any others. There is a web site that generates graphics of maps that can be viewed in PIE: http://www.mapblast.com/mapblast/port.hm
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(Q:) Is there voice dictation software for CE?
(A:) No. ArtKey has "voice activation", but not dictation. If you're the curious type, some voice dictation packages accept WAV files as data input, so you can record the WAV file with your CE device and then process it with the voice dictation.
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(Q:) What sort of database options to I have for CE?
(A:) There are several. Pocket Access now comes with the HPC/PRO which runs CE 2.11, but there are the following options:

PalmDb for PsPc devices: http://www.downloadit.gr/~v_gkelley/ 
Syware VisualCE: http://www.syware.com/
obBASE: http://www.obsolution.com/
Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere: http://www.sybase.com/products/anywhere/fingerprint.html
Oracle Lite: http://www.oracle.com/mobile/
Spyglass Mobile Forms Database: http://www.spyglass.com/solutions/technologies/mfdbase (used to be AllPen Mobile Forms Database)
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(Q:) Can I run DOS programs on my WinCE device?
(A:) WinCE can not run these programs directly, but you can purchase a DOS emulator that will run these programs.  There are a couple emulators available:
        1) XT-CE.  See the XT-CE site for more information.
        2) PocketDOS.  See the PocketDOS site for more information.
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(Q:) Can I view PDF file on my H/PC?
(A:) http://www.ansyr.com/ 
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(Q:) How do I configure my Windows CE computer to use the IR port?
(A:) The CD-ROM which comes with the Ericsson SH888 telephone includes a script which makes a new entry in the Registry. All this does is create a new device name for the COM3: port, which is then accessible to most Windows CE comms applications. You simply select the new IR port device and continue to use your software as before. The process is covered in more detail at the web site of Arne Hess (http://windowsce.hess.net/irda.html) which covers Windows CE /mobile phone topics in detail. Be aware that NT doesn't support IR very well, and so far Windows 2000 is bad at it too.
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(Q:) My software won't allow me to use the Infrared Modem device added to the registry!
(A:) Try use COM3: instead. In most Windows CE machines, COM3: is the same as the IR port. I have used "bFax Express" software from bSquare on a Nino with an Ericsson SH888 using this technique. Best results were obtained by using no initialising string, maximum rate to 9600, Class 1 support set to Off and Hardeare Flow Control set to On.

However, several companies have announced software which performs the task of the interface card. In other words, all you need is an ordinary serial link from a compatible mobile phone to the Windows CE machine and you are in business. Obviously this requires you to have the necessary serial lead, which can be difficult to come by.
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(Q:) How can I change the font size on my PsPc?
(A:) There's two ways to alter the system font:

1) Use StarTap from ThumbsUp Software.  The help on their site lists instructions for changing the font.

2) It can be done manually, but it's a little tricky. Here's a newsgroup posting by John S.:

First, a good, free registry editor for CE is available at: http://www.oohito.com/

Here's a simple (ok, not so simple) way to customize your PSP/C

i) get a registry editor
ii) download and install microsoft's web fonts onto your desktop machine
iii) open \Windows\Fonts or \Winnt\Fonts
iv) dock your PSPC and open the \Windows\Fonts folder on it

You can now install fonts onto the PSPC... Let's try arial, but of course you can use others....

v) Drag the Arial true type font to the font folder of the PSPC
vi) in the window that appears, select 8,10,12,14, and possibly 16 points (the more you select, the more memory it uses!)

wait while the font downloads...

vii) you can now use the font in Note taker, and even set it as the default.

Interesting, but how about the fonts used by WinCE itself? Get that registery editor ready and let's change them!

Change the default font: The default font is used for things like the active desktop, active channels, labels, buttons, and lots of other things. You can make your PSPC look like a start trek communicator (use a start trek font) or a Newton (use a casual handwriting font) or heaven knows what else. You can also change the *SIZE* of the default font to make it smaller or larger.

*** Warning *** you're using a registry editor. You can really hose your system if you screw up. Make a full backup. Don't sue me if you kill your machine. Do this at your own risk.

Change these values

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GDI\SYSFNT\Nm to be the name of the font to use... I like Arial Bold

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GDI\SYSFNT\Ht to be the point size. 10 works well, as does 8 for the youngsters with good eyes and 12 or even 14 for those of us with mature eyes.

That's it. Reset your PSPC, and you'll notice the change. Cool, eh?

But wait, there's more!

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GWE\Menu\BarFnt\Nm is the name of the font to use for the menu bar... I use plain Arial here.

KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GWE\Menu\BarFnt\Ht is the size for the bar font. I use 14... you don't want to change this to be too large, as the menu height is fixed.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GWE\Menu\PopFnt\Nm is the popup menu font, again I use Arial

KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GWE\Menu\PopFnt\Ht is the size for the popup font. I use 12 here

When you're all done, reset your PSPC again, and hey presto! new fonts in the OS. Pretty cool.

Note: if you're using RegEdit from Eiichiro, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE is "LMachine" in the upper left pulldown list.
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(Q:) Are there any other locations for software?
(A:) Yes. Some software vendors don't allow their software to be stored on a third-party site. One such is Sticky Software. Try using a search engine if you're looking for something specific.
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(Q:) I have a HP Jornada 820. Why can't I use existing Windows CE software?
(A:) When the handheld and palmsize PC's first appeared, they were based on one of two processors: a MIPS or an SH3 device. The HP Jornada 820 is one of the first devices to use a StrongARM processor instead. This chip is fast, uses little power and has built-in features such as support for USB and the ability to mirror video output on an external monitor (which is why a Jornada can be used with a monitor all the time, not just for PowerPoint). The catch is that as the CPU is different, it cannot use MIPS or SH3 software – including Pocket Streets for example. It's up to the authors to re-compile their software especially for the StrongARM platform, and this requires an update to their software tools (the compilers, installers and so on). Hopefully more software vendors will release
StrongARM versions as the Jornada becomes more popular.
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(Q:) Is it possible to open a DOS-like shell on a Windows CE computer?
(A:) Only the HPC Pro has a text-based shell window built-in (run CMD.EXE from the Start/Run/ prompt to open it). There are third-party shells for other systems, such as the version from Ruksun (Shell Force) - this is only compatible with CE 1.0 however.
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(Q:) I want to spell check my Pocket documents in another language - how can I do it?
(A:) Yes it is possible and the operation is quite simple. First of all, the spell checker file is located in the \Windows directory on your HPC or HPC Pro. The file is "mssp2_en.lex" and is located in ROM, therefore you cannot delete it but you can override it with a RAM file (Microsoft allows this mainly for update purposes). Here are the operations needed to change this file:

1) You will need a Microsoft spell checking file that usually comes with Microsoft Office 95/97 and other Microsoft software. This file can be located on your desktop computer by locating all "mssp2_??.lex" files using the Find option in your Start menu (?? serves has a wildcard, not as the name of the file). These files are usually located in the C:\..\Microsoft Shared\Proof directory.

2) We don't need the English "mssp2_en.lex" file since it is already in our HPC ROM, we simply have to transfer the "mssp2_??.lex" of the language we need on the HPC using WindowsCE Services (Mobile Devices) in the HPC \Windows directory. Once the "mssp2_??.lex" file is transferred in the \Windows directory. Disable the connection between your Desktop computer and your HPC and close Mobile Devices. We don't need the Desktop from now on. Note : Do NOT try to rename the file to "mssp2_en.lex" before transferring it or copying it in the HPC \Windows directory. It won't work!

3) All the following operations are to be executed on your HPC. Open Windows Explorer, go to the \Windows directory and sort all files by name, locate the "mssp2_??.lex" file you transferred, rename it to "mssp2_en.lex". The file should be renamed without any warnings. Now you will see two "mssp2_en.lex" files. Refresh the screen using the View/Refresh option, now you should only see one "mssp2_en.lex". For example, in our case we transferred "mssp2_fr.lex" which is the French spell check file.

4) Open Pocket Word, enter a common word in the same language of the spell check file you transferred in your \Windows directory.

5) Now, if you want to spell check a document in English using the default ROM ".lex" file. Open Windows Explorer, go to the \Windows directory, rename the "mssp2_en.lex" to it's original name (in our case "mssp2_fr.lex"), Refresh the screen using the View/Refresh option, now you should only see the original "mssp2_en.lex" ROM file beside the "mssp2_??.lex" RAM file.

6) You can repeat operations 3-4 to change the spell checking language, and operation 5 to restore defaults.

You can have as many "mssp2_??.lex" file your HPC Storage memory can store. English (ROM), French, Italian, German, Spanish, etc.
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(Q:) I can't get recurring tasks to synchronize.  What do I need to do?
(A:) This is a problem in Microsoft Outlook.  At this time we are not sure when it will get fixed.  Voice your desire to get this fixed by sending an email to Microsoft at [email protected]
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(Q:) Is there anyway to set the time associated with a task's reminder?
(A:) Select a start date for the task, check "reminder" and then click on the bell icon. You have the option there to set reminders for minutes, hours, days or weeks before the task. If you select "hours", you can set the alarm/reminder for up to 99 hours in advance of the task start or due date (depending on which you select).   Don't forget that you can change the default reminder settings for Tasks under the "Tools / Options /" menu, if you mostly use the same setting for reminders.
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(Q:) Can I get Powertoys for the palm-sized platform (PsPc)?
(A:) You bet! It includes a Hyperlinked Active Desktop, Pocket Paint (in color on color devices), Business Cards, Mute, Dialer, Four sound schemes, new Wallpaper. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsce/downloads/pccompanions/ppc_powertoys.asp
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(Q:) Where can I find a CE Warez site for downloading completely illegal CE programs?
(A:) Well Sparky, I'm glad you asked. Simply go to and you'll find everything you need. It's got over 7 gigs of CE-specific programs, and because of this it's extremely busy. You'll need to be very patient and very persistent. Try either really early in the morning (7am MST) or really late at night (4am MST). Set your FTP timeout to maximum, and keep at it for days or weeks if need be. Trust me, you'll get what you deserve if you work hard enough!
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(Q:) I'm developing for CE, and my CAB files are causing the machine to hang on install - what's going on?
(A:) This should solve the problem - http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q186/8/61.asp
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(Q:) Is Windows CE Year 2000 compliant?
(A:) The Microsoft Y2K site has info on their products. You can find info about various Windows CE products in Volumes 16 & 17. Windows CE 2.0 US, for example, can be found in: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/year2k/product/user_allproductsvol16.htm It is listed as: Compliant with minor issues: Windows CE Services 2.1 (English) has a listing in: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/year2k/product/user_allproductsvol17.htm and is listed as: Compliant
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(Q:) Where can I find a trip route planner for North America and Europe?
(A:) http://www.palmtop.nl/ce
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(Q:) Have you deleted the temporary Internet files from your PsPc and now my desktop is all messed up?
(A:) Unlike your desktop PC, you can't delete these so-called "temp" files and expect to have your PsPc continue working properly. Symptoms of this problem include seeing broken graphics on your desktop, not seeing a liting for upcoming appointments, etc. First, download this zip file of original files from a greyscale PsPc, or get this one if you have a color unit. Unzip the files into a temp folder somewhere on your dekstop. Now connect to your PsPc, and going into it using the Mobile Device manager. Browse to the \Windows\Temporary Internet Files directory. Now, copy the contents of the zip file into this directory, overwriting the contents of the old files. Disconnect your PsPc from your desktop, and do a soft reset (or refresh the desktop wallpaper). You may need to re-install the PsPc powertoys to get your "active" desktop back.
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(Q:) How can I view spreadsheets on my PsPc?
(A:) The industrious folks at bSquare have created a little app that allows you to view, edit, and save Pocket Excel files on your device. You can view it at http://www.bsquare.com/development/products/ppc/sprdsht.htm - and unlike most bSqaure products, the price tag on this is decent. Z4Soft has another app that looks really good as well! And if you have a new Pocket PC, there are Excel 
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(Q:) Is it possible to convert files on my Windows CE device to and from desktop format on the device itself?
(A:)  HPC PRO devices and Pocket PC devices have on-device coverters. Palm-size PC devices and older HPC devices do not. There is also a program from Tascal that will convert Pocket Excel files into CSV format files - this might be mildly useful to someone.
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(Q:) Why does my clock sometimes change when I synch with my desktop PC?
(A:)  Keeping in mind that your CE device will, by default, synch it's clock with your desktop, make sure that the country settings, daylight savings time settings, and work day settings (as defined in Outlook) are the same. Most often, this problem is caused by one of the settings being incorrect, which confuses the CE device.
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(Q:) How can I read books and other documents on my CE device?
(A:)  First, you need a reader. Go here to find several of them. As for content, you can find several sites out there with books and info, but MemoWare is a great resource.
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