(Q:) How can I synch with public folders or other non-standard Outlook or Exchange folders?
(A:) http://www.asl.com/ - you can't do it without added software. Note that the HPC PRO devices now have IMAP4 support with Pocket Inbox 3.0, which also allows full server folder access on Exchange 5.5 servers.
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(Q:) How can I synch Outlook notes with my CE device?
(A:) By default, there is no way to do this. No one knows for sure why Microsoft left this out. However, HPC Notes by Phatware (http://www.phatware.com) will allow you to synch notes. I've been using the software for a while now, and it's fantastic! It's 100% seamless - you don't need to start anything extra to synch notes (it ties into CE Services). It also comes with a desktop notes module in case you don't use Outlook, but would still like to keep "notes". I didn't used to keep notes with Outlook, but one day I looked at all the little sticky notes I had stuck to my monitor and decided to put them all into Outlook - only to remember that notes didn't synch with my CE devices. I picked up a copy of HPC Notes, and now I'm a happy camper again - I have all my extra notes with me. Check it out! If you're concerned about data loss, you should also check out dbExplorer - it allows you to back up your databases (contract, email, etc.) to a flash card. How can you tell I like Phatware? :-) 

If you are looking for freeware to perform a similar function, there is SynCEnotes from Christian Weinberger.  SynCEnotes requires that you re-download a new copy every six months and it displays a nag screen every fifth time you synchronize, but the price is right.

Lastly, if you have a Pocket PC, Notes sync is built in.
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(Q:) Can I synch email with Outlook Express or Netscape Communicator?
(A:) No. The functionality of synching with external programs wasn't built into these programs.
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(Q:) What programs does Activesync support for synching?
(A:) Schedule+, Outlook 97, Outlook 98. You can synch with Lotus Notes 4.5 and above, Lotus Organizer 5.0, 97/GS, Symantec ACT! 3.05 and above, NetManage Ecco Pro 4.0, and GoldMine 3.0/4.0 by using Harmony 99 from Extended Systems.
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(Q:) How can I change the folder on my PC that my files are synchronized with?
(A:) It requires a registry hack, but it works:


            WINDOWS CE
                4b544xxxx (not sure what this number is)
                                edit the BRIEFCASE PATH line to
                                   what you want...but make sure you put a trailing slash ( / ) at the end of the path or it won't work...
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(Q:) I'm getting error messages and having problems synching!
(A:) http://www.cewindows.net/wce/20/activesyncfaq.htm - also try doing a soft reset, and look for corrupt Outlook appointments.
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(Q:) Can I synchronize via Ethernet?
(A:) http://www.cewindows.net/wce/20/ethernet.htm - synching via Ethernet offers near instantaneous data transfer. FAST!
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(Q:) Can I connect my H/PC to my Macintosh and sync files, mail, etc.?
(A:) While there are some ways to do this there is no Apple software like 'CE Services'.  What you can do is get VirtualPC or SoftWindows for the Mac. This software will emulate a PC and then you can install 'CE Services' and do all the synching you want.   You can also connect the Mac and the H/PC and use a terminal program that supports zterm.  This would let you transfer files from one machine to the other.  It would not let you sync and would probably be limited to transferring text files since the Mac can not make any other files that would be compatible. You can also read this in-depth report by the guys at PDA DASH. Beyond this, none of us know how it works - we don't use Macs and don't want to, so please don't email us with questions on how to do it. That's the price of using a tangerine colored computer with 7% market share. :-)
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(Q:) Can I synchronize my contacts with any other folder other than the main contacts folder in Outlook?
(A:) No.  Pocket Outlook can only synchronize with the main contacts folder.  You can simulate multiple contacts folders by placing contacts in categories and then filtering on those categories in Pocket Outlook. This will hopefully be changed in future versions of CE SERVICES, but no one knows for sure.
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(Q:) Is there a way to synch the Netscape Calendar and Address books with the contact and calendar functions in CE?
(A:) Yes, but it requires a commercial package called CorporateSync from Corporate Software & Technologies.
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(Q:) I use the Outlook Journal. Is there a similar capability on CE? Can I sync it with my Outlook journal?
(A:) Yes, there is CLC Journal from Crown Logic Corp. It synchronizes using ActiveSync.
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