I’m in a CBC News Story on the iPad…oh so Briefly!

CBC news reporter Terri Trembath interviewed me for a story she was doing about iPads coming to Calgary. We talked for about ten minutes on camera, and I answered questions about the iPad, mobile computing, the fact that some people bought them and didn’t know what to use them for, but some people love them, etc.

In the clip above, she had asked me why I wasn’t getting an iPad, considering that I was a gadget geek – my response was that the kinds of stuff that I did required a keyboard, and that the iPad’s on-screen keyboard didn’t look ideal to me for entering information. So the clip is only part of my statement, and without the context of a question – which makes it seem a little odd to me. That’s the problem with being a tiny part of a larger story; you don’t get much camera time to explain your position.

Anyway, at least this time my company name got in the story. šŸ˜‰

  • You were nervous beforehand? It doesn’t even show. I think you did fine. šŸ™‚

    Anyway, now that it’s out, you really should check one out in person!

  • janakj

    You looked great, not at all nervous, and came across as pretty fair — and you come across as a mild-mannered Canadian… I have to say, though, that Dell monitor behind you captured my attention first. šŸ˜‰

  • Thanks Janak – I wish, of course, that more of my quote would have been used – or a different quote – but that's the way it goes. That Dell monitor is rather eye-catching, isn't it? Belatedly, I realized I should have put up some Logan wallpaper to show the world how cute he is. šŸ˜‰