CTV National News Unboxing Interview

Last Friday afternoon the Alberta Bureau Chief for CTV News, Janet Dirks, came with a cameraman to shoot a story about the unboxing videos that I do. Here’s how it turned out…

The interview aired on Sunday night on the CTV National News, but I managed to bungle the recording settings and didn’t snag it. It aired again today at noon, so that’s the one I recorded. So how did I feel about this interview? All in all, quite good – especially since I was able to explain that the term “geek porn” is an inside geek joke. I appreciated the fact that the piece was well-researched; they even found one of the instances when I was genuinely shocked at what I found inside a box (the 1:15 mark). I think this should pretty much wrap up this media storm about unboxing videos – it’s been quite a ride! Ironically, I’ve been so focused on all this media coverage of my unboxing videos that I haven’t done an unboxing video in about three weeks. Time to get back to it!

  • mrozema

    Much better than the CBC interview!
    Thank you CTV for taking the time to do your research and doing a much more professional piece.

  • Geek Porn could also easily describe your table of tech goodies over there! And on a side note, the term “calgarian”, while being a normal pluralization, sounds really creepy (i.e. “Captain, the Calgarians are decloaking and powering up weapons”).

  • Jon,
    If Calgarians had awesome alien technology, it would be some form of self-powered underwear that kept us warm in the cold winter months. 😉 And no, long underwear doesn’t count…

  • yslee

    So I finally registered (some time back) and my first post isn’t anything special, except to say that you meant “three months” in the last paragraph, right?

  • yslee,
    I meant to write three weeks actually – thanks for catching that!

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