Doesn’t Anyone Make Good Baseboard Clips?

I try to keep my office tidy, and with the U-shaped Ikea desk I have, all the cables running from PC to wall are exposed making it all too easy for things to look messy. Baseboard cable clips were a good solution I found to allow me to group power, networking, USB, and other types of cables together. The problem is that the Belkin clips I purchased aren’t strong enough – they seem designed for only a couple of thin, light cables. Over the past year since I installed them they’ve all fallen off, looking like this:

(baseboard dust – gross!)

Essentially being a problem of adhesive strength versus the stress the cables place on the clip, as each one fell off I re-attached it to the wall with Krazy Glue. That worked for a few weeks, but all of them fell off again – this time leaving the adhesive pad on the wall. What I’m looking for is some sort of cable clip that’s much stronger: I’m thinking something that screws into the drywall, something that will hold the cables in place and not fall off. Has anyone heard of such a thing? All my Google searches have been in vain…

  • MitchellD

    Jason I have not seen anything like that personally but I have in the past used the same clips you have pictured. I have simply drilled a small hole through them and using a drywall anchor attached it to the wall.

  • Hmm. Did you pull the top plastic loop back and drill through the plastic base only? I’d imagine so – sounds…awkward. 🙂