TV Worth Watching: Heroes


I’m probably the only self-confessed comic-book geek on the planet that missed a big, mainstream super-hero show like Heroes. When season one started last year, the TV tuner in my Windows Media Center PC didn’t record the first few episodes properly, so I gave up on the series and figured I’d pick it up on DVD before season two started. I have to say, it’s a great TV series – Ashley and I are really enjoying it. As I tell anyone who’s sceptical about watching Battle Gallactica, good drama is good drama, regardless of the setting. Great characters and a gripping storyline can exist anywhere, whether it’s in space or in Las Vegas. Heroes is a highly-serialized show where almost every episode is tightly strung together in a “To Be Continued” fashion. Like 24, once you start watching it’s hard to stop. And the HD-DVD version looks pretty damn good – though my digital-noise-sensitive eyes have noticed a few screwy things here and there.

If you haven’t watched Heroes season one, you should rent it before season two starts in a few weeks. 😉

  • chrisgohlke

    I purposefully didn’t watch it (much like I did for BSG). You may think this is strange, but since Firefly was canceled, I hate to invest in a show just to see it taken off the air after a season. Since Heros is a hit, I’m catching up on the dvd’s now to be ready for the season.

  • I hope season two can top season one, or at least not screw it up. It would also be nice if they don’t put a huge break in the middle of the season this year.