Movies Worth Watching: Man On Fire

Now this is a great movie. Released in 2004, it’s perhaps my favourite Denzel Washington movie (Glory is right up there with it). Great action, believable acting, and a storyline that centres on the very un-Hollywood concept of sacrifice. Well worth watching!

  • idawgik

    And it’s definitely one of the better looking movies available on Blu-Ray.

  • You got that right. Your just mentioning it brings back how long it sticks with me days after I watch it, which I do from time to time. It’s intense, so I save it, but yeah, I savor it. A tough-take subject that allows for just how excellent actors are both Washington and Walken.

  • Word-Smith,
    Well said! It’s a very intense movie. I’m a big believer in the concept of justice, and have always been a sucker for any movie that has justice being being handed out.

  • idawgik,
    I don’t yet have a Blu-ray player (I backed HD-DVD, though only in a small way), but it might be one of those movies that I re-purchase.

  • horus

    I think this movie was a really good one, but it was a bit depressing and dark in mood – tragesy was in the air constanly throughout the movie. Definitely not one for relaxing with, rather one for realists as far as the fact that real life isnt always a happy ending nor do the goodies always get the better of the baddies all the time.. Sometimes goodies get things they dont deserve