Star Trek DVD Boxed Sets Finally Cheap

Star Trek DVD Boxed Set

Looks like after all the Star Trek fans like me paid $100+ for each season boxed set, the powers that be decided to drop the price to a more sane level. I saw the boxed sets at Costco for $29.99 CAD each. Quite a good deal for some classic Trek!

  • chrisgohlke

    Yeah, that hurts. With 29 season of the various trek incarnations on the wall bought at the original prices I’ve still got to say I’ve gotten my moneys worth in watching them over the years.

  • Chris,
    Yeah, I’m not bitter about the price I paid – Ashley and I have enjoyed the series over the years – I just thought it was funny how they came out at VERY high prices…higher than anything else on the market…and now they’re so cheap it’s almost funny. 🙂