The New, Wider Template for

Thanks to the amazingly talented Darius Wey, I have a new, wider template. Two reasons drove this decision:

  1. Wanting to give a better experience for the rising number of people with wide-screen, higher-resolution monitors. I still think it’s silly for someone with a big wide-screen monitor (1920 x 1200 for instance) to be browsing in full-screen mode because it negates the multi-application advantage, and most Web sites won’t scale up to that size anyway, but I did want this blog to fill more of an average-sized browser window (something in the 1000 pixel wide range).
  2. The purely selfish reason of wanting to be able to put up higher-resolution photos because I think they’re nicer to look at. If you don’t have a high-speed connection, it might make things slower for you, but since this is my personal blog I don’t mind being a little self-centred. 😉

If the site looks odd to you (things out of place), you should empty your browser cache or press CONTROL+F5 (on a Windows machine) to force a page refresh and things.