Why Do Microsoft Mail Servers Hate My Exchange Server?

A couple of times a month, I’ll get a bounce-back from Microsoft mail servers where an email I’m sending to a Microsoft person, usually a reply, will get rejected. Here’s today’s rejection:

#< #5.7.1 smtp; 554-5.7.1 Rejected, id=04110-50-2 – BAD_HEADER: 554-5.7.1 Improper folded header field made up entirely of whitespace: 554 5.7.1 References: …0@NA-EXMSG-C…> #SMTP#

So if the problem is improperly folded headers, how exactly do I un-fold the headers? 😉 It’s ridiculous to have to email a Microsoft person at their Hotmail account because I can’t reach them at their @microsoft.com email address. And the Microsoft people I’m trying to contact can’t do anything about the problem because apparently dealing with Microsoft email support is like drinking acid (as in, not pleasant).

Email is do damn unreliable nowadays, it’s driving me nuts. I emailed someone about voice lessons, a week went by without a response, so I emailed again, and it turns out my email was in the woman’s Gmail spam folder. Same thing with a friend of mine who I email several times a month – Gmail spam folder. Did you know that Gmail doesn’t have a “white list” function? I think it only allows email through 100% of the time if you have them in your contact list.

Someone really has to fix the email/spam problems – this is all so incredibly frustrating.