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version 1.42, March 16, 2004 03:41:29 PM

compiled/edited by
Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, Windows CE, Jason Dunn
with many thanks to the contributions of all CE users!

additional contributions by
Rob McDougall

Below are some of the commonly asked questions and answers. Before posting a question to the CE newsgroup, PLEASE read through this document to see if your question (or a similar question) is listed. If you have suggestions about common questions we should add, please contact me at the email address listed above. If you're the kind of person who's too lazy to read through things like this and would prefer to email me, read it anyways, because when you ask your question you'll just be told "read the FAQ" anyways.  :-)

(Q:) What's New in 1.42?
(A:) No, I haven't completely abandoned this FAQ. There have been some changes in the Microsoft newsgroup structure that will change the way this FAQ works. First, there is no longer a microsoft.public.windowsce newsgroup - it's been replaced by newsgroups specific to each form-factor: HPC, Palm-size PC, and Pocket PC. I'm also moving this to a new domain, and making it much more useful. Stay tuned for changes!


UNIVERSAL ANSWER #1: If you're stumped and having a problem, make sure you're running the latest version of Activesync, try reinstalling all applicable software (whether that's an NT Service pack, Outlook, etc.). And of course - REBOOT! :-)


S1 - Where can I find a good chess program? Or a good game? Or a fax program? Or....?
S2 - Can I connect to a machine running LINUX?
S3 - I'm worried about viruses for Windows CE. Is there a virus scanner?
S4 - Can I use my CE device as a touch pad for drawing on the screen of my computer, etc? Like an art tablet?
S5 - What are mobile channels? How do I use them? Help!
S6 - Is there an application for Windows CE that will act as a remote for my TV/VCR/Stereo/Other IR device?
S7 - Can I play MP3's on my CE device?
S8 - I'm confused about the version of CE that I'm running...
S9 - What is ActiveSynch 3.0? What does it fix? Where can I get it?
S10 - Can I get an upgrade to CE 2.11 for my CE HPC device?
S11 - How can I use other languages on my CE device?
S12 - Where can I download new CE software from Microsoft?
S13 - Where can I find more information about developing on the CE platform?
S14 - I have Quicken or MS Money. Is an application I can use for this?
S15 - Where is Excel for my PPC? Or Word?
S16 - Where can I find additional (free) maps for Pocket Streets?
S17 - Where can I find maps for London England?
S18 - Where can I find maps for Canada, South America, Europe, etc.?
S19 - Is there voice dictation software for CE?
S20 - What sort of database options to I have for CE?
S21 - Can I run DOS programs on my WinCE device?
S22 - Can I view PDF file on my H/PC?
S23 - How do I configure my Windows CE computer to use the IR port?
S24 - My software won't allow me to use the Infrared Modem device added to the registry!
S25 - How can I change the font size on my PsPc?
S26 - Are there any other locations for software?
S27 - Why can't I use all CE software on my HP Jordana?
S28 - Can I get to a DOS-like shell prompt on a CE device?
S29 - I want to spell check my document in another language - how can I do that?
S30 - I can't get recurring tasks to synchronize. What do I need to do?
S31 - Is there anyway to set the time associated with a task's reminder?
S32 - Are there Powertoys for the PsPc platform?
S33 - Where can I find a CE Warez site to download completely illegal software?
S34 - I'm developing for CE, and my CAB files are causing the machine to hang on install - what's going on?
S35 - Is Windows CE Year 2000 compliant?
S36 - Where can I find a trip route planner for both North America and Europe?
S37 - I've deleted the temporary Internet files from my PsPc and now my desktop is all messed up! HELP!
S38 - How can I view spreadsheets on my PsPC?
S39 - How can I convert files on my CE device?
S40 - Why does my clock sometimes change when I synch with my desktop PC?
S41 - How can I read books and other files on my CE device?


H1 - Can I get GPS for CE?
H2 - What are my storage options?
H3 - How can I store my contact or appointment database on a flash card?
H4 - Soft reset? Hard reset? What do these mean?
H5 - What's the best kind of AA or AAA battery to use?
H6 - Is it possible to use a Windows CE computer with a mobile phone?
H7 - What phone do you recommend?
H8 - You lucky Europeans! Where can I get an SH888 in America?
H9 - I have an XYZ mobile phone, will it work with my Windows CE computer?
H10 - Where can I find more CE & cell details?
H11 - Can I use my CE device as a pager?
H12 - I have an HP Jordana and want to use it with my IR compatible mobile phone - can I?
H13 - What sort of USB devices can I use with my USB-compliant CE device?
H14 - I'm having trouble with my CF cards - the laptop won't read the card!
H15 - I want to synch from my CE device to my desktop via IR - how can I do that?
H16 - Can I use the wheel on a USB Microsoft Intellimouse with my Jornada?
H17 - I want to run Windows CE on a PC, x86 platform, or something similar - can I?
H18 - Is there a CE device specifically made for the educational market?
H19 - What can I install onto my Flash card?
H20 - Why doesn't my 3COM Ethernet card work?
H21 - What is Bluetooth?


N1 - How can I synch with public folders Exchange servers?
N2 - How can I synch Outlook notes with my CE device?
N3 - Can I synch email with Outlook Express or Netscape Communicator?
N4 - What programs does CE Services 2.2 support for synching?
N5 - How can I change the folder on my PC that my files are synchronized with?
N6 - I'm getting error messages and having problems synching!
N7 - Can I synchronize via Ethernet?
N8 - Can I connect my H/PC to my Macintosh and sync files, mail, etc.?
N9 - Can I synchronize my contacts with any other folder other than the main contacts folder in Outlook?
N10 - Is there a way to synch the Netscape Calendar and Address books with the contact and calendar functions in CE?
N11 - I use the Outlook Journal. Is there a similar capability on CE? Can I sync it with my Outlook journal?


C1 - I'm having general connection problems! Help!
C2 - When I try to restore my backup to my CE device, it tells me something about an "incorrect version" or "language mismatch" or something! HELP!
C3 - Why won't CE Services work with Windows NT 4.0?
C4 - I'm having trouble doing RAS synching with my CE machine!
C5 - How can I use my CE devices and MS Proxy at the same time?
C6 - What port does CE services "talk" on?
C7 - Can I support VPN with CE?


I1 - When I connect my HPC to my desktop machine, it tries to connect to the Internet! How can I stop this?
I2 - Why can't I be connected to the Internet and my CE device at the same time?
I3 - I have a Palmsize PC. Can I get a Web browser for it?
I4 - Inbox won't work with MSN!
I5 - Are there other email options?
I6 - Why can't I see frames with Pocket Internet Explorer, and what can other versions of PIE do?
I7 - Does CE support Java?
I8 - Can I FTP? Telnet?
I9 - How do I remove messages from my Inbox without deleting them from the server?
I10 - How do I remove messages from my Inbox that have already been removed from the server and are "stuck" in my WinCE inbox?
I11 - What settings should I use when using my Windows CE device with a mobile phone to dial into the Internet?
I12 - I have my system dialing up to the Internet. Using Inbox, I can receive email fine, but when I try and send any I get a warning dialog saying "Unknown SMTP error" and the mail isn't sent!
I13 - I've just got  a mobile phone which I'm trying to use with my Windows CE system. Whenever I try to dial, all I get is "No Carrier". What am I doing wrong?
I14 - Can I retrieve my AOL email using me CE device?
I15 - What news server contains the Microsoft public Windows CE newsgroups?
I16 - Why doesn't ICQ work on my HPC PRO device?
I17 - How can I measure my modem speed on my CE devices?
I18 - How do I move mobile channels to a storage card?
I19 - Which ISPs support Windows CE? What settings should I use when connecting to one of these ISPs?
I20 - Where can I find a web-based calendar service that will sync with my CE device?


P1 - Can I print from my HPC or PPC?


F1 - I'm looking for a big list of CE links because I have more time than I know what to do with. Where can I find such a thing?
F2 - Where are the official web sites?
F3 - I have a Velo 1 or Velo 500 and want to know more about it...
F4 - Where can I find official Microsoft information on CE?
F5 - If the answer isn't here, and I want to be inventive and look for the answer myself, where should I look?
F6 - What is Wyvern?
F7 - What is Rapier?
F8 - Where can I find more information about developing for the Windows CE platform?
F9 - What's this CE PLUS package for HPC Pro's all about?
F10 - What does "CE" stand for?

NOTE: This FAQ is designed to LESSEN questions for everyone, not increase them. If you see something in here that you have a question about, please post it in one of the newsgroups, where many people (myself and the other MVP's included) are willing to assist you.

To access the newsgroups, point your news reader at and look for the HandheldPC, Palm-size PC, and Pocket PC newsgroups.

mind-boggling amount of email on a daily basis. Thank you. :-)

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