The music of Chantal Kreviazuk is, of course, the entire reason for this web site. Her music is absolutely phenomenal, and I think this album is a must-have for any fan of real music.

Below are Real Audio files to listen to. Real Audio allows you to hear the music within seconds, unlike her SONY site which forces you to wait for the entire file to download; the quality, however, isn't quite as nice as those fat WAV files. If you don't have a Real Audio player, I encourage you to travel to the Real Audio site at where you can download version 3.0. Many sites use this technology, so it's a good thing to have.

There are links at the bottom for downloading the high-fidelity clips. All these Real Audio clips were sampled by myself, as I felt that SONY didn't really do her songs justice by sampling the right parts of the songs. One last point: all these files are made for 28.8 modem users. I don't have the space on my site to post both versions of the files, so please understand. Now, enjoy the beauty of Chantal...

God Made Me - 28.8 sample
The first single from her album, this song absolutely rocks. Hard hitting and powerful, it showed the world the music of Chantal Kreviazuk is a very effective way...the vocal timing of this song still blows me away!
Surrounded - 28.8 sample
By far the most stunning track on the whole CD, this song is phenomenal! It also features the almost Operatic vocal melody that the SONY site cut...
Believer - 28.8 sample
A short sample of another "rock-ish" song from the CD. A great song!
Wayne - 28.8 sample
A gorgeous song that highlights Chantal's angelic voice. Has a jazzy feel to it. Great piano playing on this one as well.
Actions Without Love
- 28.8 sample
A simple but beautiful piano intro to the song shows off her skills as a panist. As much as I rave about her vocal skills, she is also a first rate player.

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