chantal kreviazuk

You might not be able to pronounce her last name, but you will love her music! A phenomenal vocalist, pianist, and songwriter, she weaves her voice around songs and emotions that touch everyone who listens.

Her debut album, "Under these Rocks and Stones", shows a wonderfully insightful and talented woman. This site is dedicated to Chantal and her music, in the hopes that her fans might help promote her talent even further! Enjoy!

I haven't updated this site as often as I would like, but this is more of a monument to her. For the most up-to-date site, check out Tanja's Page. For the best looking site, stay right here <grin>

I've put up a RealAudio interview with screen shots of Chantal from Much Music, as well as the entire GOD MADE ME song with screen shots. This page takes a while to load, but it's worth it...

Jasper's Chantal Kreviazuk Site

(he got the jump on me and made a cool site! check it out - it even has a letter from Chantal!)

Great Canadians - Great Music
(A new site, this one has a great collection of Chantal links)

Another good site
(despite what you might think, he made this site without seeing mine - he has good design taste, and he's a great guy! the newest Chantal site on the net)

The newest site on the net... (has some cool photos as well)

The Official SONY Site
(where I initially got most of my info from)

Tanja's Chantal Page
(a great site with lyrics, guitar tab, and more)