A Photographic Exploration of Fire, July 2008

At a family reunion in July, I spent some time around a campfire. I hadn’t really photographed fire before now, at least not with any degree of intentionality. I explored a variety of different angles, shutter speeds, and focal lengths as I photographed this constantly moving and changing subject. Because this is an exploration of a singular thing, my normal rules of culling don’t apply. The full gallery is found here.

  • rantman

    Wow – you just don’t see it like that with the naked eye. Those pics do look spectacular.


  • K-65

    OMG- That is awesome!!!But talking on the first photo is that Genuine? I love Photography

  • K-65,
    I’m glad you like the pictures. I don’t understand what you mean about the “talking on the first photo” though – can you re-phrase your question?

  • K-65

    Sorry I mean to say, if the first photo shown above is genuine. Most specially on the first one.

  • K-65,
    Of course it’s genuine – why would I post a fake? 🙂 I never do more than adjust the attributes of an image (white balance, contrast, black levels, etc.). And if I do any “Photoshopping”, I’d certainly point out what was altered. If you’re wondering about the soft blur, I was experimenting with different shutter speeds, so the fire was moving back and forth while the camera was capturing the image.