Moka the Friar

After much spiritual searching, my dog Moka has decided to begin her monastic life: I present to you Friar Moka.

Moka the Friar

(I don’t tend to post things like this often, but putting a little joy into the world is never a bad thing.)

Who wants to buy a used cheeseball?

Generally speaking, I’m not much of a trickster. Perhaps it’s the Canadian in me not wanting to have anyone feel hurt by anything I’d do, but last year I couldn’t resist having a bit of harmless fun. I realized a photo of a partially eaten cranberry cheeseball from our Christmas party was just too good of an opportunity to pass up…so I took a photo and posted it to Facebook Marketplace, looking for a buyer. 😜

It all started with, of course, the photo of the cheeseball. There were some leftover cream cheese figs, so I wove them into the story. Text in easier-to-read form below.

The inane, silly, stream-of-consciousness story that evokes Chris (Simpsons Artist).

I wanted to have fun with the responses as well. 😊

It was hard to tell who knew it was a joke and who didn’t. I think Skylar thought I was serious. 😆

I had a five people contacted me about it, and I responded to everyone. 😜

…and then I had a fun interaction with someone who got the joke! 😁

What Search Engines Have to Say About Left Handers

As a left handed, but mostly right-dominant person, I’m always interested in learning more about the genetic component to left-handedness. This article has a lot to say about the topic – I am still reading through it – but I was highly amused at what came up in Bing’s autocomplete. Evil? Demonic?

Google had no autocomplete options for the same phrase as Bing (“are left handed people”) so I had to use a shorter search term to get any autocomplete results at all. Are the people using Bing really using these terms to search for things about left-handed people? That’s pretty funny! 😉

If Apple Was Being Honest With Their Site Navigation

My transition to being mostly Apple hardware has taken a few years, starting with an iPod Touch years ago. I still use an Android phone, but my desktop is an iMac, my laptop is a Macbook Pro, and I have three iPads in my home. My wife has inherited my trusty Dell XPS 13 though, so I still have access to a great Windows laptop. ?

I’ve decided that at this moment in my life, the benefits of what Apple offers is worth what I have to pay for it…but that doesn’t mean I can’t get a little grumpy as I watch how Apple updates – or, more accurately rarely updates their Mac product line. The iPad is, in my opinion, the best tablet you can buy today. The iPhone is an excellent product. But Apple’s Mac products? They alternate between stale to compromised, outdated to ridiculously expensive. And yet because they are the only way to get macOS, people who want to use that platform have no choice.

Above is what Apple’s site navigation looks like today. They add the word “New” in orange when there’s a product update. What would it look like though if they were a little more honest? This. ?

(you’ll want to click on the image to appreciate all the sarcasm)

I’d created the graphic below months ago, so wouldn’t you know it today was the day that Apple finally put 8th gen Intel CPUs in their Touch Bar-based Macbooks and updated a few other key things (more max RAM and SSD options). The new Macbooks might have better battery life, and they might have fewer keyboard problems. We’ll see!

If you’re a Mac user, what do you wish Apple would update next?

Always Double-Check The Spell Check

I type fast, but sometimes my accuracy is awful – and this is a good illustration as to why it’s important to actually stop and read what the spell check is suggesting before you accept it and share that message. 😉

Mild Insanity + Rage + Slight Technical Know-How = Hilarity

Below is an email I received a little over a month ago. I blurred out the name of the person who sent it to me to avoid his further embarrassment, but this was just too funny not to share. Read it and weep tears of laughter…

After reading this email, I started to reply back with basically a “What on EARTH are you talking about?” but I decided since he gave me his phone number, I might as well get to the bottom of this immediately- I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong. Right from the beginning of the conversation, I couldn’t get a word in – he was spewing forth a non-stop barrage of anger and frustration. I tried to explain right from the start that Windows Phone Thoughts was a news and reviews site, that we didn’t sell anything directly, but he wouldn’t hear of it. He told me some story about how he bought his son two mobile recharging units for his son’s iPad, and his son was leaving on a trip to China, and how the “damn Boxwave chargers were defective”.

Aha, Boxwave! Once I heard that, the story started to make sense – I tried to break in on his ranting to say that I didn’t work for Boxwave, and wasn’t affiliated with them in any way, and he literally screamed at me “THEN WHY DON’T YOU HANG UP ON ME?”. I replied back that my mother raised me to be a polite person and that I wasn’t going to hang on up him – but that I could appreciate it if he would stop yelling. “I’M NOT YELLING!” he yelled at me. This hilarity went on for another minute or two, and finally he calmed down. I calmly explained yet again that I had no affiliation with Boxwave, though I had reviewed their products in the past.

In a nutshell, this guy used a search engine to find an old Pocket PC Thoughts post mentioning Boxwave and used our contact form to send me the above email, thinking he was contacting the company. He had made several attempts, but they ignored him. He was adamant that he used the Boxwave contact form and that their contact form must be routing all contact email to me. Yeah, right. After some further discussions he calmed down a little more, and I wished him all the best in getting in touch with Boxwave.

Another day, another crazy person. I love being online!