A Windows User and His New iMac – Days Twelve & Thirteen

Another two days, another series of discoveries and questions. Yay for cheap(ish) RAM!

  • My new RAM arrived, so I was able to do the upgrade to 32 GB. This time, it worked! I didn’t want to unplug all the cables from the iMac, so after removing the power cable I performed the RAM upgrade with the iMac vertical. It was slightly tricky, but Apple put in strong guide-rails so once I got them in there a gentle push was all that was needed. When I hit the power button the first time, nothing happened. Oh, I forgot to plug the power back in. #PEBKAC Power in, power on, I mutter “Please boot…please boot….YES!”. OS X boots up, 32 GB of RAM installed. I wonder though, will it make the iMac feel any different?


  • It’s difficult to put into words how powerful having Tweetbot on one half of a virtual desktop, Chrome on the other half, and being able to swipe to/from that desktop in a split second. It’s just immensely powerful. I don’t feel like I need a second monitor, and I’ve been the two-monitor since…well, this setup in 2003:


Above: that’s a Shuttle XPC computer and twin 17″ Samsung LCD monitors I bought at Costco for $949 each…yes kids, that’s how much LCD monitors cost when they went “mainstream”. Note the Pocket PCs under the left monitor stand and the Pioneer 1x DVD burner under the right. I bought the DVD burner for Faster Smarter Digital Video, and it cost around $600.

  • I used the Photos app to import a Nikon D750 raw photo off my camera instead of firing up Lightroom. It worked extremely fast, and a basic edit was easy. Hmm. I can see myself using this instead of Lightroom when I’m editing one-off photos for my blog or social media. Lightroom has always felt like overkill for that, so this is a welcome surprise.
  • What Photos can’t do though is act as a viewer or an editor – I need to open Photos, drag an image in, then I can edit it. I’m feeling slow when it comes to image editing in general – on Windows, I use ACDSee and it has a slick right-click menu option for edit – but the Mac version lacks that. Opening up Photoshop is overkill. What’s a great viewer + editor for OS X that I can access super fast?
  • Why do my virtual desktops move around? Specifically my “main” desktop – the one you start with – keeps changing position. It seems to happen when I close an app on one of the other desktops and it pops to another desktop. I find this behaviour confusing. [I’ve since found the preference setting to keep this from happening]
  • I think my favourite hardware feature of the iMac is the screen brightness control. I’m very sensitive to bright lights, and the ability to tune the screen brightness with a keyboard tap is game-changing for me. That hardware and software integration is killer.


  • I occasionally get the error above about being unable to open a JPEG. I wish I could understand how I keep getting it – it’s a bit frustrating! It has something to do with Lightroom exports and…well, I’m not sure what else. I can’t find a pattern as to why I get it sometimes and not other times. And I don’t seem to “fix” it, it simply comes and goes. Anyone out there have any ideas?


  • Two days in on the RAM upgrade, nothing feels any different. I had a hunch this would happen – with an SSD and a fast CPU, even 8 GB of RAM is enough to handle most multi-tasking scenarios. I originally ordered the 32 GB upgrade because I thought I’d be using Windows in a virtual environment and wanted to give both operating systems plenty of RAM…but now I’ve largely abandoned that idea. I don’t know much about how Apple allocates RAM – what I’d expect to see above is around 21 GB of RAM used for caching, but it’s only a bit under 4 GB. 11 GB in use…so, err, where’s the rest going to? Not being used at all? Thankfully 32 GB of RAM wasn’t very expensive, but I do feel slightly foolish for investing in something that doesn’t improve my day to day iMac experience. Oh well. 🙂

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