• T-Will

    ROFL! I almost switched to a Zune from my iPod Nano (2nd Gen 8GB), but there weren’t enough improvements to get me to switch. As for style (fatter and uglier), I think the iPod and Zune each have their own unique styles, it’s pretty neat that you can order the Zune with the customized artwork.

  • Cold Flame

    *lawl* Too funny. Are the zunes going to be sold to us Canadians anytime soon? I understand you likely have 5+ of the things, but that doesn’t help someone like me! =(

  • Cold Flame,
    Yes, the Zune will be in the Canadian market pretty soon – I suspect within the next 90 days we’ll see hardware on sale here.

  • Cold Flame

    I’ve been hearing the 60-90 days thing for so long I’m not believing it anymore… *laughs* I do know it will be this year, but I hear spring, I hear summer, I hear … You get the idea! 😛

    Why didn’t they (Microsoft) release it into the Canadian market coinciding with the US launch? Issues with the whole DRM concept, or…?

  • Cold Flame,
    It was announced as being “spring” in Canada, so I’m taking that to mean sometime in April/May. Maybe June, but I really do think it will happen sooner than that. As for why it didn’t happen in November when the US got the new Zune, I suspect it’s a matter of resources – the Zune team is still fairly small in comparison to other Microsoft teams. Also, the Zune Marketplace isn’t coming to Canada until, I’d guess, late summer. If they launch hardware in May, and Marketplace in August, that’s not too bad. Hardware in November and Marketplace in August? That’s much worse.

  • Chris Leckness

    I would have posted it, but then again, I’m an ass like that 🙂

  • Chris,
    You’ve been at the YouTube thing longer than me, so you’re more jaded and able to say things like that. 😉

  • that’s hilarious! sounds like a conversation me and my friends woud have…polite? what is this new word you speak of?