About Me

I’m a technology geek and voracious learner that currently works for Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Senior Developer Community Program Manager. I own the AWS Community Builders program.

Prior to that I was at AT&T Business Solutions – I was part of the team that ran Business Insights. I had created AT&T’s Business Circle for small business owners, but that site was shut down in November 2017. I learned so much about creating great content.

Previous to AT&T, I spent almost three years at HTC, on their global social team. I created and launched HTC elevate, a global customer fan/advocacy community. I get excited when customer feedback shapes the products and services a company offers – customers and fans are a largely underutilized resource that most companies ignore. HTC leadership had the vision to let me build something truly special.

I was also the founder of Thoughts Media Inc., which included Windows Phone Thoughts, Digital Home Thoughts, Zune Thoughts, Apple Thoughts, Laptop Thoughts and Android Thoughts. I wrote reviews, posted news, managed a great communities of technology enthusiasts, and I worked with some amazing volunteers. I did some consulting as well, focusing on everything from computer training and on-site consulting to complete out-of-box experience product analysis. I’ve kept the sites online as a testament to the wonderful volunteers and community that poured so much passion into them.

In my past I’ve also been a freelance writer, working mostly with Microsoft on a variety of articles, usually related to the world of Windows Phone or digital photography and video. I’ve written a few technology books in the past, including a book for Microsoft Press (Faster Smarter Digital Video). I learned a strong outline is the foundation of writing long-form content.

My educational background is in communications – I have a Bachelor of Applied Communications, specializing in Public Relations, from Mount Royal University in Calgary. I lived in Calgary most of my life, first growing up in the Southeast (Lake Bonavista) then moving to the Northwest (Tuscany) where I lived until 2011. I currently live in the Seattle, Washington area. Yes, I’m a transplanted Canuck living among Americans. It’s been a wild ride!

I’m married to my wonderful wife Ashley, an awesome son named Logan, and delightful daughter named Alanna. I am saved by grace and a believer.

You can also find me on LinkedIn, or Twitter.