• I agree. It would be similar to signing up for emails related to 1 particular movie, and getting emails from the studio or production company about EVERY SINGLE MOVIE it releases for the rest of time.

    In EA’s defense though, I’m trying to imagine if it would make things more complex to offer customers the ability to subscribe to emails for a single game, or even a class of games. That could make the opt-in/opt-out process incredibly complex. Check out IDG’s newsletter list. Every time I see it, I have to wonder how many newsletters can one news service possibly have? Every time I sign up for one, I have to opt out of more than 20 others.

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    Jason, the best way to get news on Dragon Age is to subscribe to the RSS feeds for the DA:O and DA2 announcement forums at http://social.bioware.com 

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    Gaaah, is there moderation, or did Disqus eat up a post? Anyway, just to be sure: The best place to get updates on the DA series is to subscribe to the RSS feeds for the DA:O and DAII Announcement forums at http://social.bioware.com

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  • Yeah, I gave up on RSS feeds last year. Too much flow of information – made me stressed out trying to keep up with all the news. I don’t use RSS at all any more.