Amazing Spam Volume


I’ve owned the domain for a very long time – since 1997 – and early on no one knew it wasn’t a good idea to put email addresses in plain text on a Web site, postings in Usenet forums, or sign up for newsletters and forums with your real email address. This was before the era of spam harvesting bots. Over the years the level of spam got to be so high I changed my real email address from to…but even that wasn’t enough to stop all the spam to the domain. The domain is so old it’s practically “spam tainted”. About a month ago I set up the domain email to forward all email to a Gmail account…and the screen shot above is showing how much spam has flooded in over the past month or so. 129,000+ messages…! What’s amazing is that 99.9999% of it is spam, and this shows that Google’s spam blocking is having a hard time with it seeing as 25% of the messages are still in the Inbox and not the spam folder. Overall I’ve found Gmail’s spam filtering to be quite good, although perhaps in this case it’s just given up. 😉