To All My American Readers: Thank You For Improving Your Economy

About a year ago I, posted a facetious request asking the Americans reading my blog to do something to improve their economy. Well, it took a year for the effects of that request to come to fruition, but I’m pleased to say that whatever you all did seems to have worked: today I converted $482 USD into Canadian funds and got $503.74 for it. That’s a 4.51% exchange rate in my favour – it’s not quite up to the 4.9% exchange rate the other way I was complaining about a year ago, but hey, what’s 0.39% between friends? Keep up the good work my American readers – let’s shoot for 10%! Papa needs a brand new bag…and by “new bag” I mean whatever gadget I happen to need next. Like an MSI Wind in black with a 6-cell battery