Amusing Cultural Differences: Japanese DVD Covers

When Ashley and I went to Thailand in 2006, we had an eight hour layover in Osaka, Japan on the way back. We were exhausted, not having slept much on the flight from Bangkok to Osaka, but the opportunity to go out and explore Japan a bit was just too tempting. We saw a lot of interesting things – and Japan was just as clean and organized as I thought it was – but one thing I saw struck me as humorous. We went into a book/DVD/CD store and while most of it was incomprehensible to the two Gaijin (us) walking around, some things don’t require words to understand. I saw the DVD cover for the movie “Fantastic 4” and I burst out laughing. Why? Here’s what the North American DVD cover looks like:


And here’s what the Japanese DVD cover looked like:

Oh no, her zipper broke!

Any differences “pop” out at you? 😆