Another Sad Dell Monitor Story


Dell, you continue to disappoint me, but I keep coming back for more. Perhaps it’s because I know that when you do get it right, you really get it right. Remember those three 24″ wide screen monitors I ordered? They arrived on the 27th, the same day as the Velocity Micro MCE system, and late in the afternoon (after I swallowed the bitter disappointment of the busted-up computer), I thought I’d cheer myself up by setting up the new Dell monitors. With Ashley’s help unpacking, I set up the first one and braced myself, fearful of seeing the colour banding problem again. I ran the colour spectrum test and it came up clean – no banding at all. I was elated…uh, wait a second, what’s what? A stuck pixel. I ran a few more solid colour tests, and sure enough, there was one stuck pixel. Ok, scratch that monitor – what made it more complex was that I couldn’t return just one monitor as part of Dell’s 15 day “no questions asked” return policy. I thought I’d figure it out later. Then I hooked up the next one – another stuck pixel. Wow. Ashley unpacked the third one, and said something was strange – it was missing the manual and looked like it had been re-packed. Sure enough, the screen had fingerprints on it. And the LCD panel looked a bit odd. I powered it up and ran the colour spectrum test…and here’s what I saw:


That, dear friends, is a broken/cracked LCD panel with liquid crystal seeping out. Three monitors, all bad in one way or another. Is it really too unreasonable to expect that, when buying Dell’s most expensive line of monitors (Ultrasharp) that one would get a non-flawed monitor out of the box? On the bright side, all three were bad, so it was easy to ship them all back and cancel my lease. I then re-ordered them, one per order, at the $699 price (which thankfully is still being offered for a few more days). So now I have three orders on the way, one monitor per order. This gives me the flexibility to send back one monitor at a time if it’s not up to spec. I’m expecting to see the monitors come my way on the 2nd or 3rd of January – just before I leave for CES on the night of the 5th. And since the $699 price point ($200 off) is being offered until the 4th, I may have one more chance to re-order a new batch of monitors if this second batch aren’t perfect. I know, it’s bordering on insanity, but I’m not going to drop $2100 on monitors unless they are without flaws. Now that I know these monitors no longer have the colour banding issue, I hopeful that the next batch will be the ones I keep…

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  1. Wow. I’m really surprised, I have a 2407 and it’s flawless. Of course, go try and find the driver .inf files at their website and call me a few days later to let me know if you were successful. I really hate Dell’s support site! You can’t do ANYTHING relating to support without a service code, and of course monitors don’t have one.


  2. Phew, talk about bad luck! I sure hope the replacements are better than the first set. I’ve had my 2007WFP for about six months, and it’s spectacular.

    Just in the last few weeks though, I’ve had some rather odd problems with display issues on it from my Vista PC. Just to be safe, I ran the (very handy) CheckeMON tool you linked to, and was panicking for a few minutes when I saw specks all over my monitor. It seemed that I had dozens of dead/stuck pixels. Eventually (okay, after a couple of minutes) I thought to run CheckeMON on my laptop, connected via VGA to the 2007WFP (I love that the monitor supports so many inputs). Luckily, the results were perfect there. I saw no signs of dead/stuck pixels over VGA.

    So now I’m assuming the problems I’ve seen from my Vista PC (DVI) are caused by bad drivers. I am running Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit (RTM), but the latest drivers I can find from NVidia are beta drivers for Vista RC2. Speaking of drivers, I completely agree with Neil about Dell’s support site. The closest thing I could find to driver for my 2007WFP was for the A00 firmware. I went ahead and installed it, but really don’t notice any difference.

    I look forward to reading the successful workings of your new monitors in the next few days. I can’t imagine what your setup will look like, but if it’s half as good as aroma’s, I’ll be impressed. 😉

    Happy New Year!

  3. Monitors don’t have service tags, true, but when I’ve called in I’ve for monitor tech support/warranty issues in the past, I’ve given them my order number and that has done the trick. Give it a try! And don’t the monitors come with the INF file on the CD?

  4. You have had the worst luck with monitors. I’m glad you keep trying though, because I think the UltraSharps are worth it. In the past couple of years I’ve had two 19″, four 20″, one 24″, and two 30″ Dell UltraSharps and have been very please with each of them.

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