The Atheists Are Coming to Town!

This is a news story that ran tonight, and it features a short interview with a pastor at my church, Kirk Cowman. Kind of strange to see myself on CBC then someone I know, all within a week.

As for the topic itself, my take on it is that it’s no different than an ad from an animal rights group, a political group, or a religious group – it’s an expression of what they believe in, or in this case, what they don’t believe in. 😉 We live in a free country, and as long as this campaign doesn’t step into the realm of being hateful, they can spend their money any way they want. In my experience, it’s only when people don’t think about God that they can easily ignore Him. When they start to honestly ponder the possible existence of a power greater than themselves, that’s usually when that power is more easily seen.

  • yslee

    This is really awesome, because it represents true tolerence (based on the video). Here such an ad will be banned from running due to “inciting religous discord” or something like that.