Baby Liv Arwen Berreth Welcomed into the World Way Early


That’s a picture of tiny Liv Arwen Berreth, the daughter Kim and Mitch, some good friends of Ashley and I. Liv (pronounced “Leave”) was born at 6:40 pm on Saturday the 9th, many weeks too early, and only weighs 810 grams. That’s one LITTLE baby! Both baby and mother are doing well. Welcome to the big world Liv!

  • chrisgohlke

    Liv and Arwen in the same name, LOTR fans are they?

  • Chris,
    Although it’s spelt the same way, it’s not “Liv” as in “Liv Tyler”, it’s “Liv” as in “Leeve”. But yes, they are LOTR fans. 😉

  • Mara

    that is amazing..