Back from CES 2007, Trying to Get My Head Screwed on Straight

CES, and Vegas in general, is a mentally and physically draining experience. I made it back last night after nine hours of travel (left my hotel at 12 noon in Vegas, arrived in Calgary at around 9pm), and my home world never looked so good. Ashley brought Keiko with her to the airport, which always brings a smile to my face when I see them. Returning to Calgary was harsh in terms of weather – it was about -20 Celsius. Vegas is more exhausting than any other place I’ve visited. Spending one day in Las Vegas is like spending three days anywhere else – it really did feel like I was away for 15 days instead of only 5 days. It’s a combination of the noise, crowds, lines, smoke, advertising, blinking lights, traffic, and drunk people – all things that I find draining. I think it’s because I’m a borderline introvert/extrovert – in the Myers Briggs test I was an xNFP, where the “x” represents that I was one point introverted, but so close that I have tendencies of an extrovert as well. Over the years I’ve come to realize that I’ll often be an extrovert in small to medium-sized groups groups, but like an introvert, I require time alone to recharge my batteries – a true extrovert is recharged by being around other people, and being alone drains them. In Vegas the only time you are alone is in your hotel room (perhaps an elavator), so Vegas is 99% drain for me. I feel very glad to be home with Ashley, and back in my office (chaotic though it may be at the moment). I was so decimated from yesterdays travel I slept in until 10:30 AM this morning, so I haven’t had the most productive day. The Vista Lab and CES were great experiences though – I came away with introductions and business cards from 50+ people who have products, services, or connections that can help me do things what I do even better.