Being Home Never Felt so Good

After being away last week from Monday to Sunday night, it felt so incredibly good to come home – I always miss home after a while on vacations and travelling for business, but in this case because our week was so hard (my grandfather passed away on Tuesday night) and full of alternating periods of being busy and then standing around for hours, I think it made me miss home ever more. I’ve never been so involved in all the aspects of a family member passing away as I was this week, so there was a lot of learning for me. I try to be a lifelong student, always learning, improving, and growing. I took away lessons about the importance of having a living will, something I’ll likely write about in the future as I drafted one for my parents on the way home from Penticton.

This blog will likely take a slight turn away from technology over the next couple of weeks as I process this experience and what it means to me.