Being Sick Sucks

I’m so incredibly tired of being sick. A little over a week after I get over having the flu, wham, I’m knocked to the floor with a particularly nasty cold. Last week it started with a very sore throat (it felt like someone was pouring acid down my throat), that blossomed into a head cold with all the associated head-stuffed-up problems, then it moved down into my chest and now I’m coughing up a lung and all sorts of nasty-coloured globs of mucus on an hourly basis. Gross. I went on antibiotics as of two days ago, and I’m hoping it will start to clear up before I leave for a short vacation on Friday – there’s nothing worse than flying with a head cold. The pressure changes

What makes this particularly frustrating for me is that I delayed a few days on my HTC Touch video review, and then for the past week I’ve been unable to complete it because who wants to listen to coughing and sniffing on a video? Bah! I want to be healthy again, which is what I normally am – to be sick twice in a matter of weeks is unheard of. Stupid body of mine – heal thyself!