The Best Banana I Ever Ate

I just finished eating a banana, and it was the best one I’d ever eaten. Why? I just finished a 72 hour fast. Prior to tonight (Sunday night) I haven’t eaten any food since Thursday night. Why the fast? Primarily for detoxification purposes and to stabilize my digestive system – I have a lot of gastric issues, with all sorts of foods bothering me, and sometimes it’s nice to punch the reset button on my body. Water fasting is my fast of choice – people who fast without water are in for some serious suffering. I’ve been experimenting with fasting over the past year, and the physiological responses my body undergoes is very interesting. As long as I keep a sufficient level of water in my body, going without food is surprisingly easy. Sure, there are some hunger pangs, but for the most part it’s not difficult for me to fast. On day one and day two of a fast, I find that I’m more mentally alert and can think very clearly. Dropping from 204.5 pounds down to 197.5 pounds is just a side benefit.
I’d like to write a longer entry on fasting at some point, but I have to get an article finished for the Two Inch View before I can eat my first real meal in three days. Mmm. Food.