A Funny and Brave Politician? Is There Such a Thing?


I don’t think much of most politicians; integrity seems to be a foreign word to most of them. I happened to click on a link in the signature of a Pocket PC Thoughts community member who posted in my thread about WiFi (boy that’s generated some interesting commentary across my network!) and I ended up at the Web site of one of his projects: a Web site for Ken Gordon. I’d just finished the article about my New York trip, so I was rewarding myself with 5 minutes of mindless Web surfing (something I don’t do often). What caught my attention on the Ken Gordon sight was this image:


Could it be? A politician with the stones to get into a tank with sharks? Yup! There’s the official 30 second TV spot showing him in the tank, but the really funny one is the no stuntman used video – I can’t believe how close some of those massive sharks got to him and he never flinched. I don’t care how satiated or “tame” those sharks might be, there’s still a certain level of danger and it’s not something you’d likely find me doing. He further demonstrates his sense of humour in another video spot, and some added bravery by jumping tandem out of a plane.

I don’t live in Colorado, and I definitely lean more toward the right politically, but if I could I’d vote for this guy – if he has the guts to jump out of a plane, be in a tank with sharks, and turn down $100,000 in contributions from special interest groups, he’s got more courage (on multiple levels) than 99% of the politicians out there. I hope he wins his election!