The Browser Universal Has Inverted: Firefox Add-On Released Before IE

I was checking my email today and was alerted to a new service called Clipmarks. I’ve seen things like this before, but this implementation seemed pretty cool. And since I’m on the big blogging kick lately, I figured I’d check it out. I was amazed at what I saw on the install page:


A Firefox add-on released before the Internet Explorer version? This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this before – Firefox sure has made headway over the years! Regarding Clipmarks, I haven’t checked it out yet because like all Firefox add-ons, you have to restart the browser before it will work, and I have many tabs open and am in full work mode. It would be nice to not have to re-start Firefox whenever there was a new add-on installed.

  • Janak Parekh

    Don’t you have Firefox set to save your current state on shutdown?

  • I do, but I’m not all that confident in Firefox’s ability to save text from forms, specifically the posting tool on Zune Thoughts. I guess I should try it and see it if really works…

    < shuts down Firefox without hitting submit on this form >

    Ok, that worked nicely. Impressive.

    < tries again, this time with some text in the Zune Thoughts posting tool >

    Nope, it didn’t bring back my text from the Zune Thoughts post, just like I thought. I must have gotten bitten by this problem another time and swore I’d never shut down Firefox until I was finished entering in my text. 😉

  • Janak Parekh

    Ah! Zune Thoughts uses vB’s heavily Javascripted editor, for which it must be difficult to save state. Regular text fields do indeed save properly.

  • Well, actually, no, Zune Thoughts uses that custom CMS we built who’s name I don’t want to mention here because it may have to chance one day. 😉