Calgary City Police: Out For Lunch?

On Thursday I spent a good portion of my day driving around getting estimates to fix my car, and because the damage was over $1000 (when isn’t it?), I have to get a police damage sticker before any auto body shop can repair it for me. Looks like it’s going to cost me about $1500 for the repair, which isn’t as bad as I’d feared. Since I was out and about I figured I’d get the damage sticker thing finished as well – and the above photo is what I saw when I went to my local police station. Out for lunch. Really? If my local dentist has enough staff to work over lunch, why can’t the police? Or maybe this is a way of indicating they need more funding? Either way, it’s kind of ridiculous when essential services like the police shut down over lunch…

  • If a thief is robbing a bank… on dialing 911, you would get this message, “Sorry, we are out for lunch… please call during our BUSINESS HOURS 10PM-1:30PM and 3:30PM-5PM” 😉

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