Calgary Right Now: The Place Where Hell Froze Over

colder-than-hell-frozen-over.PNGI rarely talk about anything as mundane as the weather on this blog, but it’s so cold right now in Calgary I thought it was worth mentioning. Almost everyone in the city is trying to figure out how they can avoid leaving their house! The screen shot to the left there shows the current temperature at 6:00 am: -31 degrees Celsius for my American readers is -23.8 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s supposed to go down to -37 degrees Celsius today, which is -34.6 degrees Fahrenheit. And that’s not the worse of it: when you factor in the wind chill from the 18 km/h wind, it’s effectively -45 degrees Celsius (-49 degrees Fahrenheit). I don’t tend to mind cooler weather, but this is just ridiculous…we’re even colder than Winnipeg (affectionately called Winterpig by some) today! At least it’s a dry cold. 😉

  • Janak Parekh

    The difference between you and Winnipeg is that at least you’ll get a nice chinook and it’ll end. It just goes on and on for Winterpeg…

  • True. I don’t want to live in Winterpig. It’s bad enough to be so killing cold in the winter, but you get the HUGE mosquitoes. And I heard the potholes are like craters. No thanks.

    Hey, Jason, Calgary isn’t the only place getting the chills. Northern BC has been getting the -30s for the past few days already and it looks like the rest of the week isn’t really warming up either. My head hurts when I come in from the cold (think thawing). The wind isn’t making it easier either.

    At least Calgary gets the chinook. It’s a nice place.

  • Indeed, the coming of a chinook is what we’re all living for right now in Calgary…but it’s going to be a while from what I hear. 🙁