Canada Isn’t Part of the UK Anymore…Really!

Sometimes I wonder if there’s some sort of conspiracy with software and Web developers when it comes to Canada. We have more in common with the USA than any other country, yet I continuously see defaults that put me at UK settings. For instance, when I purchase Epson printers, the default page size is always A4 – not the typical 8.5 x 11 inch paper we use here. Don’t software developers bother to research the size of paper common in each country? The screen shot above shows me getting the United Kingdom Live Search page. I’m not entirely sure how I got there, because if I open up right now I get the Canadian site. Pinnacle’s Web site constantly puts me to their UK site by default. And it’s not uncommon for me to not even see an option for Canada as a locale. I know we’re only a country of 33 million people, but still, it would be nice not to be considered as part of the UK. Someone needs to tell these people we’re not a colony any more. 😉