There Are Bad Ideas, Then There Are B*A*D Ideas


That’s a banner in a booth I saw at CTIA 2007. So the idea here is that you use their software client to sing along with Karaoke tune, then whenever your phone rings you get to hear yourself singing. I’m a vocalist myself, so I have a bit of a narcissistic streak when it comes to hearing what my own singing voice sounds like, but this is completely ridiculous. And sharing it with others? “Hey, here’s a ring tone for you – what it is? Why, it’s yours truly singing Bootylicious…no, wait, why are you walking away?”. Some business plans deserve to fail.

Buy a Fresh, Whole Rabbit from

I don’t know if this is an April Fool’s joke or what, but my sick and twisted sense of humour found the “buyer” reviews to be extremely amusing. Here are some of the more amusing ones (thanks to Todd for the heads up).

“A lot of my friends like to shop online, so I added this to my baby registry. My best friend received one at her shower and she loves it! So when I got TWO at my shower, it wasn’t the disaster other duplicate gifts can be! My little girl is now three months old and we are still getting a lot of use out of the Fresh Whole Rabbits.”

“Thought it would make a cute Easter gift, no one else thought so, kids are in counselling now. Apparently I’m the only one with a sense of humor in this family. At least it’s a hit with the dog, one extra star for that. I’m way too scared to even try to take it away from him, he loves it so much. ‘Heh, OK SirFluffles,’ I say to him, ‘it’s YOUR fresh whole rabbit.'”

“How many weekends have I spent, in the loincloth, knife clenched in my teeth, running through the fields trying to find a rabbit? (A bunch, trust me on this, a bunch.) All so I can have something to sacrifice on the altar once I get to the cave. Now, with this, home, fix a cocktail, go through the day’s mail, finish my drink and drive over to the cave, yank this carcass out of the box and offer this at the feet of my dark lord and master, boom, done. I’m happy, my dark lord and master is happy, everybody wins. What a time saver.”

Amusing Cultural Differences: Japanese DVD Covers

When Ashley and I went to Thailand in 2006, we had an eight hour layover in Osaka, Japan on the way back. We were exhausted, not having slept much on the flight from Bangkok to Osaka, but the opportunity to go out and explore Japan a bit was just too tempting. We saw a lot of interesting things – and Japan was just as clean and organized as I thought it was – but one thing I saw struck me as humorous. We went into a book/DVD/CD store and while most of it was incomprehensible to the two Gaijin (us) walking around, some things don’t require words to understand. I saw the DVD cover for the movie “Fantastic 4” and I burst out laughing. Why? Here’s what the North American DVD cover looks like:


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Code Monkey Video – Hilarious!

I saw this over on Vincent’s blog and I had to post it – this video is completely geekus hilarious, and I don’t even play World of Warcraft.

Hard-Rockin’ Builders


I saw this van a few weeks ago and took a crappy picture of it with my Treo 750. It’s hard to make out the name of the company, but it said “Appetite for Construction”. 😆 And if you don’t get the joke, you need some Rock and Roll 101 basic training (don’t feel bad though, Ashley didn’t get it either).

The Hawk Nelson Insanity Continues

I’ve written before about how people think I’m the Jason Dunn from Hawk Nelson, and how it’s a source of amusement for me. It’s one thing to be mistaken for someone else based on your name alone, but an email I recieved today brought this to a whole new level:

“i love jason dunn and hawk nelson! i would sooooooo love to contact him!!!!! if you can hook it up thanks!!!!!!!!!!”

She realizes that I’m not the Jason Dunn from Hawk Nelson, but is asking me to “hook up” a contact with him because I must know him since we have the same name? What kind of bizarre, twisted logic is that? Do all people having the same name belong to a secret club where the talk about their lives as the collective hive-mind of said name? If there is such a thing, I didn’t get the memo. Ah, to be young and illogical. 😆

Psst…Wanna’ Buy a “Unique” Pentium 4 CPU?

I was in the process of putting some items up for sale on eBay, and I was searching to see what 3.2 Ghz Pentium 4 CPUs were going for. I came across this lot of CPUs, and I just had to post this picture – take a look at the maimed pins on this thing:


For those that might not know, those small gold pins are supposed to be sticking straight up – even if a few are bent/broken, the processor is basically useless (though sometimes you can salvage the CPU if no pins are broken). The really crazy part? There are people bidding on this lot – they must be hoping the others are in better shape…only on eBay, the greatest online marketplace in the world!

You Know It’s Cold When…

I don’t want to turn this blog into one of those “Hey, check out this funny video!” blogs, but this video was just too crazy not to share – it’s not actually “frozen waves”, but it’s frozen snow and ice being pushed up by waves, and it looks unlike anything else I’ve ever seen.

Frozen Waves in Newfoundland

Frozen waves crush against the shore in this brutally cold clip from Newfoundland.

Vegas Needs a New Slogan

You know how Vegas has their “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” slogan? Well, I’d like humbly suggest a new slogan: “Vegas: It Would Have Been Better an Hour Ago”. So much of Vegas is buffets, and so many of them are luke warm. In fact, Vegas itself has that luke-warm, re-heated in a microwave kind of way. A bit sad, a bit soggy, a bit re-used. But if you’re drunk, you probably don’t know the difference…

No, Really, I’m Not the Jason Dunn You’re Looking For

I’m sure many of us have been mistaken for someone else with our same name at least once in our lifetime – myself, I get a phone call about once a year from debt collectors looking for a deadbeat named Jason Dunn who grew up in Eastern Canada. They ask me questions about where I grew up and went to school, then figure out I’m not the Jason Dunn they’re looking for. But, year after year, I keep getting calls. Hopefully someday that other Jason Dunn will clean up his credit and I can stop getting those phone calls.

In the online world, getting mistaken for someone else is less common, usually because there’s context around how you found them – a Web site, a search engine, a forum posting. It’s not always enough to get the identity right though – I keep getting email messages to my Gmail account meant for another Jason Dunn (one located in the UK) because he doesn’t seem to know what his own email address is. It’s rather bizarre – especially since a few of the messages I’ve received have been of a rather personal nature. But I digress…

In the online world, at the moment, I’m the #1 ranked Jason Dunn in Google. Sure, that’s not as cool as being the #1 ranked Chris, but hey, we can’t all be Lockergnomes. I’ve checked my rankings now and then over the years, and I’ve always jostled for Google position with a 6 foot 6 inch 274 pound NFL linebacker and an unfortunate fellow that died of an accidental gunshot wound. But in the past year, there’s a new contender: the lead singer of a Canadian band named Hawk Nelson, who’s name also happens to be Jason Dunn. They have a light punk/Blink 182 type groove. The other day, I received an email that gave me a good chuckle, because it finally happened: someone thought I was a “famous” Jason Dunn. Here’s the email:

Jason, I just want to know.
How Do you write such AMAZING lyrics.
You are a huge influence to me in my band. But i need help with my writing.
could you help at all? i know you are busy. But hey!
its worth a try.
[name withheld]

Now isn’t that a nice email? I’m a musician, and I’ve written a couple of songs in my life, but I had a hunch he wasn’t emailing the Jason Dunn of Thoughts Media Inc. to ask about song lyric writing. I wonder which one of us Jason Dunn’s will be around in Google a decade from now? Time will tell…but I’m hoping it’s me. 😉