CBC News Article With a Cringe-Worthy Headline


I would have thought that the CBC was above cheap headlines, but it seems they like the were really fixated on the “geek porn” angle when writing this story. I now completely regret uttering the words “vaguely sensual” – I really should have known better. Referring to unboxings as “geek porn” is purely an inside geek joke, and I’m kicking myself for not being more forceful about that point. Oh well. 🙂

  • Janak Parekh

    The “low-production” is also kinda lame. Your videos are far from low-production. 😉

  • mrozema

    I can’t believe THAT is the title they came up with…
    What were they thinking?!

  • Janak,
    Yeah, the “low production” thing gave me a chuckle – I’d say my videos have some of the best production values of all the unboxing videos on YouTube that I’ve seen…but compared to the production value of a TV news show, yeah, they’re low production. So I guess it’s all about perspective. 😀

  • drtolson

    Maybe they were referring to ‘Low Production COST’ rather than values or output. Compared to what commercial marketing uses for producing videos, etc. your setup is a lot simpler. I agree though, that the output is FAR superior to most of the unboxing videos one sees on the internet these days.

    I just had a thought — maybe the vendors will start to get the idea and start producing unboxing videos of their own????

  • chrisgohlke

    So does that make you a geek porn monger? Some updates to the tags on the site to reflect this could certainly increase the traffic. 😉

  • drtolson,
    Perhaps that’s what they meant – I certainly harbour no illusions that my setup isn’t “pro grade”, but in general I find the results quite good. As for vendors producing their own unboxing videos, that would be disastrous for them – they can’t be objective in the same way that others can.

  • Chris,
    A geek porn monger? Haha. I don’t think so…. 😉