CBC’s “The Point” Radio Program


“Aamer Haleem hosts a lively, fast paced, provocative and always entertaining array of conversation, debate and good old fashioned water cooler chat.

Informed and plugged-in guests bring insight and analysis on the big stories of the day and what they mean to you. And you’ll hear stories you won’t hear anywhere else that are guaranteed to get you talking and joining in the conversation.”

Last Thursday, the 29th of January, was when I was on this show. It was a neat experience to be in a radio station sound booth, wearing a set of headphones and talking into a microphone – I hadn’t done that since back in the Sound Doctrine days (the band I was in). What was a bit strange was that the host, Aamer Haleem, was in Vancouver – so I was alone in the sound booth. I was invited to be on the whole segment, which made me a part of the topic of the day…which happened to be “Should fighting be banned in the NHL?”. I tend to have an opinion on everything, but since I watch hockey essentially never, this was a bit of a stretch for me. I think I handled it well enough though. You can check out the full version of the interview over on the CBC site, complete with two songs, or you can listen to the edited down version that I created below.