Movies Worth Watching: Children of Men


Tonight Ashley and I saw a movie that we both really enjoyed: Children of Men. Starring Clive Owen, this movie had me tense from the moment it started with an explosion. I saw but one trailer for it, and thought it looked like a good movie – it was! Without revealing the plot, I can say that it’s a gripping action/drama that is unrelenting in pace. It had a European feeling to it, and didn’t have any slow-motion action sequences and rock music like your typical Jerry Bruckheimer flick. Not that I dislike those movies mind you, but that style of film making would have been seriously out of place with this story. The movie had a stark feeling (less colour, almost de-saturated), with basically no music – mostly background sound effects. It also had a very atypical ending for a “Hollywood” movie, and it left us talking about what might happen in the future if the events of the movie came to pass (in short, it’s about the world not having children any more). Julianne Moore also plays a role, along with Michael Caine. Rating: 9/10

Also looking intriguing is the movie Pan’s Labyrinth. Anyone seen that yet?